A Small Miracle

February 2, 2012
By Kandra101 GOLD, Peletier, North Carolina
Kandra101 GOLD, Peletier, North Carolina
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As the paramedics carried her in on a stretcher, doctors and nurses rushed to assist them and take over. They rolled her down the hall with their feet shuffling in urgency, and when they reached the emergency room, they quickly set up and began, with the fervor of a lion, to heal her.
The machine that stood upright next to where the girl was laying beeped in unison with her heartbeats, increasing the tension and the intensity of each noise, as they became less frequent.
With extreme caution, the doctors removed the pipe that had pierced the young lady’s upper chest. They checked for any damage and stitched her up as swiftly as possible, the beeps in the background continuing to slow down.
The girl’s body was covered in a patchwork of different reds and browns, her limbs were firm and lean, and her belly was swollen and round.
She lay still among the doctors who were working on her intently as they spoke quickly.
“She’s suffering from exertion, so, of course, there is no chance she can push her out. However, the only other option could cause her death. She already has a concussion and less than a shred of energy left. If we go through with it now, and she slips away, we could always try to resuscitate her, but there’s no guarantee that she’d come back.”
Emilia focused intently on their words. She could barely make out what the strangers around her were saying and doing. She knew she wouldn’t see tomorrow’s sun, but she wanted to try to last long enough for the life inside of her to survive.
“Either we wait for the mother to gain strength and try to save both while risking losing both, or we save the baby while we have a definite chance which would risk over exhausting the mother,” stated one of the doctors.
The doctors heard a feeble whisper coming from the young lady as she choked out, “baby.”
The doctors understood and knew they had to deliver the baby as soon as possible, or else death could get both patients, rather than just one. The doctors made an incission and with tedious caution, pulled out the fragile baby. They all stared at the child with wonder. New to the world, she had hands as small as grapes and toes as tiny as rice.The doctors handled the baby gently, and with a snip, she was separated from her mother.
The bundle of joy had been born. Two seconds later, the screams and crying started, but everyone in the room was so happy about the survival that it bothered no one.
Emilia’s lips curled upwards faintly. Her little girl had made it through the skidding, the slamming, and the metal crushing collisions, and now, she was free.
Barely hanging on, and worn from the fatigue and searing agony, Emilia gave in and sat up into the light.
The baby’s screams became the only noise from the room and then added to that was a continuous monotonous beep.

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