January 11, 2012
By WhyNotBeLizzy BRONZE, Morgantown, Indiana
WhyNotBeLizzy BRONZE, Morgantown, Indiana
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She took a sip of her soda, and snuck another look at him. He still hadn't moved. He was leaning against the counter, twirling a straw between his fingers, waiting.

"They shouldn't make a hunk like that wait for his food" She thought.
Samantha was at McDonalds, again. It seemed like she spent all her time there now. Her house didn't have highspeed, or wifi. They had dial-up and it took hours to do her homework. Instead of wasting all her time waiting, she drove into town and finished her homework in the free wifi. Today, she had some nice scenery to look at while she worked.

When he first walked in, she couldn't help it. Her eyes followed him. He was tall, but not lanky. She could see his muscles, clearly defined under his tight t-shirt. His jeans had that well worn look, that was obviously store bought. His eyes were a deep, piercing blue. He noticed her looking, and smiled. He was used to girls checking him out.

Samantha glanced down quickly. That's when she saw her grungy sweat pants, and her flimsy tank-top. She groaned to herself. "Why didn't I wear something nicer?".

The guy stood up straight as one the employees came up front. "Now, he's going to get his food, leave, and make fun of the slob who was stalking him with her eyes".

But wait, something wasn't right. The employee went around the counter, instead of handing the guy a bag. He walked straight up to the hottie, and kissed him. On the mouth. After about three seconds, the two guys broke apart. They glanced around the restaurant, seeing if anyone had noticed their embrace, giggling. They held hands as they walked out the door.

Samantha sighed. "All the hot ones are either gay or taken. This one just happened to be both", she thought, turning back to her homework.

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