January 10, 2012
By purplelily24 BRONZE, Danville, Vermont
purplelily24 BRONZE, Danville, Vermont
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The words. They’re all around me. They grasp me as if they were giving me a hug. A sympathetic hug. The hug becomes tighter. They were killing me. Cutting off my ability to breath. I wish to scream, but i9 can’t. I can’t do anything but, feel small and helpless. I start to shrink. Maybe if I get small enough, I can slip away. I shrink and shrink till I’m smaller than an ant. I slowly walk away when the words fall on me. They pin me down and I’m stuck again. The rest of the sentence starts to fall. When the last word hit I left. Left this cruel world. The words had killed me. Their mission had been a success. The words that killed me were……

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