My Blueberry Experience

December 14, 2011
By Jessie1 BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
Jessie1 BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
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Right in front of me, sitting on my kitchen table, I see this beautiful glass see-through bowl that in the middle of the glass there are felt animals moving in a circle to give it a little pizzazz. Inside of that bowl are blueberries piled up as if in the shape of an elephant head. I fell the bowl, it’s cold and moist. As soon as I plunge my hand into it, a tingle of chill creeps in my hands and out my toes. Taking a handful o0f blueberry they feel hard but then smooth at the same time. I throw them up into the air then swerve my hands to catch them. I was about 50 percent successful. The rest of them splatter on the ground. They are going every where. The ones that didn’t splatter crunch beneath my feet. I dip my hands in to get another handful. SMASH!! They are now all over my face and head. The coolness of them makes me get goose bumps. Rubbing my hands together they fell slimy. I can’t take the feel anymore so I wipe my hands all over my white blouse. Looking through the mirror I see violet blueberry stains all over my face, my hands, and my white new blouse. As soon as I tried to wipe off the juice, it spread even more.

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