The Only Thing She Remembers

December 23, 2011
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Here goes another ordinary visit with grandma I think to myself as I get out of the car. Grandma Sally is one of those people who are a little crazy in the head. Because Grandma doesn’t like to eat normal food, so she normally ends up eating insects that she catches outside. Because of how crazy grandma is sometimes I wonder why we even let her live alone. On her free time she loves to dance around the room to nursery rhymes, and to make it worse when my family and I go to visit, she makes us dance with her. But her favorite game is dress up. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to have a normal grandma but other times I wonder how she was like in her childhood? Was she ever normal? With a mind full of questions I think to myself maybe I’ll ask her today.

It turns out that at one point in her life Grandma Sally was actually acting like a human. She used to eat normal food, listen to normal music, and be normal. In school one day in about 7th grade she met a strange girl. Wild and crazy were the only ways to describe her; meaning that she ate strange stuff, dressed strange, and a lot of other strange stuff. I ask grandma what she first said to her friend when she first met her. Grandma said the only thing she remembers herself asking is, “Did you escape from a metal hospital?” Grandma says that’s the only thing she remembers, but to myself I had a different idea of what the rest of the conversation would be. I thought that grandma’s friend would not be offended because she has probably heard that from a lot of other people. I can just imagine grandma’s friend saying, “I get that a lot when people first meet me.” I’m guessing grandma felt bad about what she said, so she apologized and after that they started to hang out.

I think that is one of the bizarre ways to go insane. Grandma had only known this girl for a day and all the sudden they are both best friends. Not to mention that they are both insane. I want to find out more about what exactly happened. To find out I decide to ask grandma. According to her she doesn’t clearly remember what happened. But this is what she did tell me.
She told me that after spending a few hours with this crazy lady, Grandma Sally followed in her footsteps; meaning that she started to go insane. Grandma started to eat mud pies literally made out of mud, she ripped her clothes and made herself look like a cave women. Grandma dresses very strangely for her it’s Halloween almost every day. Sometimes she likes to dress like a witch or a ghost or maybe even a vampire or a mummy. And in her costumes she likes to try to scare her neighbors. Until this very day, that bird brain lady and Grandma are still best friends because they are so alike. Sometimes when I come to visit grandma and her friend is there. Grandma Sally’s friend creeps the life out of me because she is even crazier than Grandma is. And that is saying something because grandma is a little upside down.
I cannot believe that one person in grandmas life changed her. And all of this happened in one day! Every now and then I wonder what it would’ve been like if grandma didn’t meet that insane girl. But that’s a though that cannot be thought of too hard, because I can’t go back in time.

At times I wonder what my grandpa was like. Was he also a nut like my grandma and her friend? The answer is no. It turns out my grandpa was the only normal human being one in the family other than me and my mom. He lived a very peaceful life with grandma because he thought that she was unique in a cute way. It made her stand out. This is what he said quote from quote. But grandpa ate edible earth food, dressed casual, and had typical friends. The only fight they ever got into was how their wedding would be. Grandma wanted everyone to wear some crazy Halloween costumes. And grandpa wanted a normal more formal wedding. So instead of getting made and storming off on each other they made a compromise. They agreed that the wedding would be half and half, so on half of the wedding invitations it said, “ please dress sophisticatedly!” and on the other half of the invitations it said “dress up in Halloween costumes.” After that they never got into a fight for the rest of their marriage. He still would have been with grandma except, he passed away. When grandpa died, grandma had changed to normal for a small time period.

This really shocks me because the entire time I have known grandma she has been a complete lunatic. Imagining her normal is almost impossible, if I try to get the image in my head it will take years! Maybe even centuries! But my mother told my about that time period and it is almost unimaginable. She told me how grandma started to dress normally, eat normally, and do normal activities. My mom also told me that it was the saddest she had ever seen grandma be. But after a few days she got over grandpa, and went back to her normal. And mom never saw her normal ever again.

This visit was the most interesting with grandma. In fact I learned a lot more about grandma than I thought I would. I even found out that a crazy person isn’t always crazy. They have a soft spot to be normal. This is probably the best visit I’ve ever had with grandma.

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