Just A Boring Life

December 22, 2011
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On an Island off New York lived an eight-teen -year old young man named John Taylor. He lived with his mom in a small house, the city he lived in wasn’t very big. His Dad went out one day to find work and he had found more than work because he never came back.The people in the town were quiet, nothing ever really happened in that town that could excite an eight-teen year old. He was a regular kid, went to school hung out with friends all that good stuff.Something was wrong though he didn’t have any excitement in his life, he wanted something thrilling to happen to him. His mom worked a regular job, earning just enough money to pay the bills. John’s Mom was stressing to him that he needed to get a job, that they could use the extra money.
   He went out looking for a job he applied to three places none of them were hiring.  He was getting tired and aggravated of not finding a job. On his way home everything seemed normal, the streets were quiet, not many people were out. He walked into an ally to find a guy being put against a wall by some men in white suits. The men see John so he starts running, the men chase  after him they split in different directions, one man soon appears in front of John he falls to the ground hitting his head on the concrete. His eyes closed very slowly, unconscious he laid on the ground.
   He wakes up in what looks to be a cave, the men in the suites are nowhere to be found. He’s tied up though, he doesn’t remember anything that happened. After what seems to be forever, the men in white suites appear, and untie him. They take him into a very well lit room. One man which seemed to be the “boss” was dressed in a black suit.
“ What did you see” said the man in a very deep voice
“I-I-I only saw the man getting beat up” Said John in a very nervous voice
“Well thanks to you my men left that man, and chased after you.Thinking you might have been some sort of threat. That man happened to be the worlds most wanted man, We’ve been trying to capture him for years.”  Said the man with the deep voice.
“All I was doing was trying to get home and and and then I don’t know what happened I just woke up hear”
“ Hmm I do Understand this, But now you will need to help us capture him I don’t know how you will do it but I want it done” The man in the black suit stood and started walking away
“ Woah woah woah how do you suppose I do that?” asked John in a very panicked  voice
“Not my problem now is it, Mr. Taylor The mysterious man gave John a smirk
“How do you know my name?” John asked
The man left. The men in white suites took John back to his home. John woke the next morning thinking everything was just a dream. He was wrong he found a strange envelope on his desk,on the front with big red words it read “IMPORTANT MUST READ“
Nervously he opened it, inside it contained a letter which stated what John was to do “ You work for us now, disobey us and your dead” “ Your orders are to kill the cashier on Evans Street, He has a dragon tattoo on his neck. Things will be explained later.”
Many thoughts were rushing through John’s head he didn’t know what to think, he didn’t know how to react, he was shocked and scared at the same time. Never had he even thought about killing a person and now that was his dreading task. He laid on his bed with his eyes open thinking of what he had to do, he knew he had to or else he would be a dead man. He was thinking about his mother also and how she would do if he got killed. He thought that they might kill her too, that’s the last thing he could ever want for a Mom that has given him everything.
A couple hours after opening the envelope John had come to the conclusion that there wasn’t anything to do to get out of not killing that cashier.
7:00 pm that night, John put on a black hoodie he had no weapon so he needed to do everything with his bare hands. He started walking towards the convenient store. 7:30 he arrived, there was nobody in the store, he looked around and the cashier was outback.
“Hey you!” said John
“Be right there man” With a really low voice said the cashier
The cashier came out. Dave was written on what seemed to be taped to his work vest.There it was the the dragon tattoo on his neck. John knew it was him and with not much killing experience he had no idea how he was going to kill him. Had no idea how to go about the killing situation. He asked the cashier if he could get him cigarettes from the back.
“Yeah sure man I’ll be right back”
John scrambled to find something to kill Dave with. He went behind the cash register and found a small pocket knife. The cashier seemed to be taking his time, when he came out John pounced on Dave, at first he gave the cashier a deadly blow to the temple. Dave fell to the ground. John took the knife and stabbed the cashier in the stomach. The sound was gruesome. There was blood everywhere, John ran out he ran like there were cops behind him all the way home.
He went straight to the bathroom he threw up, it seemed like he was there for an eternity. He went home only to find another letter.
“I can’t do this” John was talking to himself as he laid in his bed .
“What can’t you do” out of nowhere his Mom barged in his room.
“Mom! What are you doing here?”
“I got off work early today, there’s not much work anymore” Said his mom in a really low sad voice
“Anyways what were you saying you couldn't do?”
“Oh Oh I-I-It’s nothing” John was sweating
“Well alright if you say so” His Mom with a very sarcastic feel to her voice
She left the room, John started to cry. He thought about how his life use to be when there was no excitement and everything just seemed to fit. All that was lost now because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He had wished for action but, never had he thought that this is what would have happened.
The Envelope contained another letter in it,”Nice job,John, That was only the first task. The reason for the killing of that druggie cashier is that he had connection with the guy we’re looking for, he could have been a problem. Also it seemed like good practice for when you kill your next victim. This is the last murder you will have to do to get to Kerrick. By the way make sure you Mom doesn’t get involved we wouldn’t want anything to happen to her now would we. There’s a man at 250 Hutchinson Road suite 25, we have word that he is a good friend of Kerrick’s. He gives him shelter,money and all he needs. Get rid of him”
“You have to be kidding me! ” John’s feelings were mixed he was mad,sad,and confused. He wanted it all to end, he thought “I did it once I’ll be able to do it again” John reached into the envelope to check if there were any other surprises. He found a picture of the next victim. He was a man that looked to be around the age of 30, he had a full grown beard. Also the envelope contained 3,000 dollars, It had a sticky note that read “Keep doing what your told and you’ll get rewarded” He snuck 2,000 dollars into his Mom’s purse. He hoped his Mom would use it on past due bills and maybe even buy herself something nice which she hasn’t done in ages.
It was late the same night of the cashiers death. Around 2:28 am John fell asleep. John woke up that day at around 2:30 pm, when he woke his mom had already left for work. He kept on thinking about what he had to do and how he hated it.
The day was bad seemed like he was in Antarctica. John put on a heavy black jacket, boots, and gloves. A murder during the middle of the day,he was ready to go back to his old life and end this madness. Unprepared he went out into streets.He arrived at 250 Hutchinson Road at around 5:00 pm. John Taylor never returned to his home.
He entered the building proceeded to suite 25, he barged in, to his surprise the room was filled with men in white suits with armed weapons. The man that had instructed John to kill Dave the cashier came out of the shadows,
“John Taylor didn’t expect you here this early. I’m glad your here though. Remember that man you killed in the convenience store Mr.Taylor?”
“Uh yes,yes I do.w-why?”
“Well, that was our man John, that was the most wanted man that we have been looking for. He was under disguise, his alias Dave Richardson, changed his whole appearance just so we wouldn’t find him. He even got a regular job to fit in,we found out it was him due to a scar he had right in the middle of his chest. Well you did it John you killed the most wanted drug dealer these streets have ever seen”
“Wait wait wait, so your telling me you guys are cops?” John said in a very infuriated voice
“No, we take care of the jobs that the cops can’t handle.”
“So what happens now, can I leave, am I done here,What about the person I came her to kill?” John voice sounded very sad and angry at the same time
“That person has been taken care of don’t worry about him.” Said the man with a deep voice
“So now wha...”
The man interrupted John
“Mr.Taylor you have seen and witnessed to much, this stuff was top secret not even the president of the United States knew about this mission. You are to much of a threat to us if we let you free. I am truly sorry John, we will need to execute you.”
“WAIT WAIT NO NO NO, I WON’T SAY ANYTHING I SWEAR” John begging for his life.
“John. Your mother will be fine take that with you to your grave, we will make sure she is fine.”
“NOW!” Screamed the man with the most authority in the room
John Taylor was shot three times. Two shots to the head and one to the chest. He fell tot he ground. His knees touched first,his chest, then his face.They left John in suite 25. John wanted something exciting to happen to him, he got what he wanted, or maybe it was a little too much for him to handle. John’s Mother was informed that he had been killed by an oncoming car. She was devastated. She received benefits though, she didn’t have to work a day in her life anymore. She was set for life. Even though her son had died,she continued to have a good life.

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