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November 20, 2011
By Hundtel SILVER, Denver, Colorado
Hundtel SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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Do you know what it’s like to hear your parents talk about you as property? You’re like hundred bucks that they both want, but nether can have it all. They fight over you and beg of your attention. What if you had to choose between which parent you love more? Could you live with yourself if you chose one over the other?

Parents see their kids as a part of them self’s. That’s why they want you to be safe, to be happy, and that’s why they want you to always be close to them. What if you had to share part of your self with someone else? The more time they get with you the better. You don’t get to deice which parent you want to spend time with. They ask you what you about who you want to spend time with, but they really only care about how much time they get to spend with you.

Have you ever fought with your dad and yelled, “You can’t choose how much time I spend with you, I’m my own person!” Did he look at you and did his eyes flare.

“You are your own person, but your mom and I decide how much time you spend with each of us.” Did he tell you that?

If you’re lucky like me you love your both of your parents the same amount. They hate each other so much, but the only thing that makes them see each other is you. When you stand in the room with both of them the air is tight with tension. You can hear the nasty things that they want to say together each other, but don’t, because your there.

You love your parents and you don’t want to see them in pain, but when they are disusing how much time you spend with them, and one asks for more time and the other parent’s voice breaks as they say it’s too much time to spend away from you. Do you know what it’s like to hear your parent’s voice break, because of you?

Do you know what it’s like when your reason your parents can’t sleep at night? Do you?

The author's comments:
This is a piece based off of true events. My parents have been divorced for eight years.

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