June 17, 2011
By KatManning BRONZE, Middlebury, Connecticut
KatManning BRONZE, Middlebury, Connecticut
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Here you are, lying on your kitchen floor. You shouldn't be here, you should be back in bed sleeping. The details are becoming fuzzy, how many were there? Where did all these wrappers come from? You are in front of your refrigerator eating the cupcakes for the party tomorrow morning. All the hard work you did decorating them is gone, tomorrow you will have to re-bake all the treats for the baby shower. A small voice inside you insists that you've eaten way too many. You can't help but to agree.

You should go back to bed and wait until morning to eat the cupcakes at the party. They are just so good though, the thick pink frosting with the yellow and blue sprinkles smiles at you. The frosting called you downstairs earlier that night, the cupcakes asked for you to eat them. The cake so airy and soft asks you to just take a bite, the cupcakes are nervous they don't taste good; you better just make sure they're alright. You don't want your guests to eat a bad cupcake, do you?

You take a bite. The perfect bite. An equal amount of frosting goodness mixed with the fluffy cake underneath it. First cupcake, ideal. Second cupcake? Better make sure it's just as good.

Opening the fridge you see that there are at least thirty cupcakes, all frosted with various colors. What if the pink tasted better than the blue? You shouldn't eat another, you should go back upstairs like a controlled human being. You've stopped your membership at the gym, you would never be able to get all the extra cupcakes off your waste line. It's time to stop!

Maybe three more. The floor is cold against your back, your stomach feels bloated. What were you thinking, tomorrow everybody would be coming over for the baby shower, and all the beautiful cupcakes you made last night were now crammed together in your stomach. When they come over later your mother will open the fridge to discover that just like last time you were laying on the floor shoving them down your throat one after the other all night long.

You should go back to bed, you belong upstairs underneath your covers. Not down here laying on the cold hardwood floors. Crumbs were everywhere, all around your sugar high body. You turn onto your stomach and start crawling towards the stairs, you cant get up, your mind is overflowing with the excess sugar in your body. Finally, the stairs are in your reach. They're so steep.

It is now three in the morning, four hours until everybody arrives at your house. You still lay at the bottom of your stairs, you can't work up the strength to even get up the first step. Maybe this was perfect though, you would stay here for the night then before anybody wakes up in the morning you could sneak into the kitchen to clean up. You try to climb the stairs one more time, its impossible. Your body weighs you down, so you lay at the bottom of the staircase. The carpet is rough here, you think, the hardwood floor was much more comfortable in front of the fridge. Maybe you'll go back and have one more cupcake before you finally fall asleep.

You crawl back using the last bit of strength in your body. You arrive at the refrigerator finally, you pick yourself up enough to open the door. You peak in to find only one cupcake left. Perfect. You pick it up, lick off a bit of the frosting and take a bite. This cupcake was the best of them all. In a matter of seconds it's gone, you don't waste a second going to look for another one though. You open the fridge one more time to discover that all the cupcakes were gone. All gone.

The author's comments:
I really enjoy cupcakes, but sometimes it can get out of control!

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This article has 3 comments.

GiantsFan22 said...
on Oct. 10 2011 at 8:09 pm
Absolutely Hillarious, loved it! I'll tell my friends!

jenn said...
on Jul. 3 2011 at 9:10 am
Wow..I'm sure many teenages can relate to this....even some of us OLD (teenagers at heart)! Personally, I prefer potato chips to cupcakes.  Great story!!!

matilda said...
on Jul. 3 2011 at 8:51 am
Hilarious!  I can relate!  What is better than cupcakes?!


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