The Betrayal

June 14, 2011
By Yusuf BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
Yusuf BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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There I was with my date, Angie in the park walking around. I put her on the swing and started pushing her up when she comes back down. You know a little boost.
“Nice night don’t you think?” I said.
“oh yeah it is I’m having a great time” she said.
It felt good to hear that, it really made me feel good. After we were done at the park, we went to the movies to see the new movies that came out and we spent a long time there. We bought popcorn and soda when we got hungry and shared it. It was one of those romantic dates, I guess you can say that. We must have watched at least five or more movies that night.
When it was 11 P.M we got out the movie theater and went to a fancy restaurant in Cambridge. We ordered some incredible food that we have never tasted and they were delicious.
“I’m full!” I said.
“I’m not bet I can finish my food before you” she said.
“oh no you’re not” I said.
Then we both started to eat fast like some hungry homeless couple. It was funny thought now that I look back at it. When it was 12 O’clock the restaurant turned to a night club. I guess to day was a was an all white party because everyone was wearing white.
“We’re lucky that we are wearing white. That means we can join the party” she said.
“I know right” I said.
I was surprised they didn’t ask for our IDs I guess it’s because we look matured. We left the club around 3 A.M and I took her back to her house. When I kissed her goodbye her lips were so soft like flowers and her tongue was like a small sake with a smooth skin in my mouth and tasted like cherry. I didn’t want to let go but I had to. I drove back to my apartment with a smile on my face.
I woke up with an hangover. I ran to the bathroom to throw up and I had a mean headache. My stomach felt empty so I went in the fridge to find something to eat but I couldn’t. I was mad, the fridge was empty and I knew it was my friends that ate all the food because I remember going shopping earlier that week. Moments later I heard loud and hard bangs on my door.
“Ayo Jay are you home?” said Chase.
“Yeah man why are you knocking so hard?” I said.
I opened the door and shake my head.
“I have to tell you about this girl I met” Chase said.
“Yo I have to tell you about my date yesterday but tell me about yours fist” I said.
He started talking about the girl he met and he described her and it sounds like he’s talking about Angie. “It couldn’t be Angie” I said to myself with an awkward feeling in side of me. I was still hungry so we went to the mall to eat Chinese food first and then go shopping. I looked around and saw Angie, she was in foot locker. I closed mt eyes and thought It was a dream then I opened it and realized it wasn’t. I went over to foot locker to say hi to say.
“ Hey what’s up?” I said.
“Nothing much just doing a little shopping with my friends. What’s up with you?” she said.
Then Chase came over and said, “how do you two know each other?”
“No way man this is the girl I was talking about” I said.
We all paused for a while with a suspicious and lost look on our faces. Then finally Angie said, “I met chase last 2 days ago, I didn’t know that you guys knew each other.” I knew she really didn’t know we were friends so I understood her perspective. I was so shocked and stunned that I didn’t know what to say, i just left the mall. I waited outside next to chase’s car waiting for him to com and drive me home. I was too hungry to drive that’s why I rode in his car. When he got there to open the car door, I told him that we should make a promise never to go out with the same girl.
Later on that day, at night Angie called me to apologize about what happened but I told her I was the one suppose to be apologizing because I freaked out for no reason. I told her we can only stay friends because I made a promise to Chase but she got mad and hung up on me. It was really depressing that that just happened so I called her back but she didn’t pick up. I guess she’s still mad at me.
The next day morning, I went to chase’s apartment but he didn’t open the door when I knocked. His car was outside so I knew he was home. “he’s probably still sleeping I said to myself so I called his phone but he didn’t pick up and I could here his ring tone. So I put my ear next to the door and heard a girl moaning. “I knew he got a girl over here” I said to myself with a funny smile on my face. I was curious so I went to the other side of the house where the window to his room was. I looked in it and saw Angie, “now way!” I thought to myself and closed my eyes to see if it was a dream. It wasn’t a dream just like last time. I realize that Chase wasn’t a trustworthy friend.
Chase came to my apartment at night and asked if I wanted to go to the club.
“Nah, I’m cool I saw you having sex with Angie today. Why was that?” I asked.
“No I didn’t, what are you talking about?” Chase asked with a guilty face.
“I saw you having sex with her man I came to your house today” I said sadly.
He tried to say it was another girl but I already knew it was a lie. I was so mad and sick of his lies that I just ran up to him and tackled him to the floor and started beating him up. I got up quick to avoid killing him and told him to get out of my house. As he was turning to leave, he threw the TV remote control at me to distract me while he tackles me on the couch and started to hit me back. I pushed him off, grabbed his head and forced his face to hit the wall. His nose started bleeding and blood was rushing down to my new carpet. He fell unconscious to the ground so I quickly rushed him to the hospital and made up a lie about what happened.

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