When I lost Mother

April 13, 2011
By Anonymous

My mother took my hand. She gripped it tight as we weaved through the crowd. I only saw mother, her face filled with panic and beads of sweat. I did not understand why. My hands squeezed mother's as I cuddled my Lavender close. Lavender was my toy rabbit, given to me when I was just born.

I glanced down at her snowy fur, scented with the flower I had named her after. If anything were to happen to me, I had Lavender. Mother twisted and turned around the crowds of people in the city streets, she seemed to be in a hurry. Though I had asked her so many times, Mother never answered. She only shook her head, put her finger to her lips, and nudged me forward. This made me only ask the question more often.

Soon, I saw a man who stood well out of the crowd. Mother stopped violently. The two spoke to each other harshly. Mother soon told me to close my eyes as she covered them. I did not know what happened next as I held Lavender in my arms. All I could hear were people busily going round. My thoughts of Mother were jumbled all over the place. What would happen to her? Me? Who was that man? And another numerous amount of these related thoughts.

It was like I was in a totally different place. Where there was unhappiness, sadness, dungeons, and death. Until someone placed their hands on my shoulders and whispered," Wake up."

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