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January 28, 2011
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I ride up along the steep dirt road until i reach the little white house at the top. It is sunset, and rays of light are filtering through the trees causing me to blink. There are no lights on in the house, and the driveway is empty. They're not home. I turn my bike around and head along a path down a small grassy hill.
I sit there for a while watching the freeway in the distance, with the droning of a thousand engines blowing in my ear. Tiny dots of red and white light going this way and that. All headed somewhere too fast. The sky is a blinding violet and red war, with lines tracing the horizon and fading off into stars. I realize it must be getting on in time and they should be home soon. My legs push frantically, trying to make it up the slippery dirt and gravel before gravity finds me and pushes down hard. I make it to the top and catch my breath. My heart falls. The lights are still off. It's nearly dark and down the road I see a streetlamp flicker on. The orange glow illuminates a row of country mailboxes. I idle up to them to check for names. All blank. Suddenly an intense feeling of loneliness creeps up, and then fear. Fear of this dead end street with the nameless mailboxes. Fear of all the people in cars going too fast. Fear of that empty house. Fear of the dark.
I jump onto my bike and begin pushing. I know I can't let this feeling overtake me, so I go faster. My eyes like tea saucers, straining to make out the road in the blackness of the forest. Down a hill and I'm into a clearing, shadows are cast down by the moon and my peripherals tell me they're all going to kill me. I keep my eyes on the road, tracing the rough gravel edges. Suddenly it curves to the right, but my reflexes fail me and I spin off. Laying on the road I realise how still everything is. The wind has stopped whipping on my face and my whole body lays motionless. I am so far away. I don't know from what though, but I know I'm alone.
I curl up and start to cry.

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