Fall play back

November 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Fall... leaves are falling and peace remains hiding. Below a tree with falling leaves of all colors. On a rock with moss of green on the side. She sits and meditates of all the elements and spirits around her. Taking advantage of all the winds and flowing powers near her. Making memories reappear in front of her just like its happening all over again. Her mind is opened and her body's soul is away. Silence fell around her, nothing but the sounds of nature and wolves are to be heard. Surrounding her in four walls with no escape till she says. A star of freedom and independence is in her palm. The circle around her is open for the towers of elements to come and over see her. To look down and fly below. Sit beside her and be one with her. They come in all different shapes and forms. First the rock she is on shutters. The rain begins for 6seconds and stops. The sun beats down on her, then the winds pick up and blow her long brown her. They hear her and settle her surroundings. Letting her know they are here and ready to help her experience the powers of their hearts. Hearing the rain, feeling the wind sun and earth around her. She opens her eyes and her memory of the first night of seeing him appears full and in action. She is walking down the street on a cool night. A voice familiar calls out her name. A friend and she walks over happy and full of joy. Meeting the person he insisted she meet is there to. She says hi and looks away. At first she never noticed his face or the way his hair shined, all she saw was a human being with no knowledge of who she is or capable of. Walking away it all suddenly changes. The surroundings change quickly with no time to react. Back to an old enemies home. Sitting on the couch she finds herself now, with her arm stuck in the strangers hold. Feeling weird and not wanting to be there. After awhile of being there she felt as if she was being used that the towers are trying to get her hurt but it never happened. She learns they brought her back to the first kiss. All sudden just before her lips touch the guy her surroundings change again with a shake. To an hour ahead to the dark night. The stars above and her arm still stuck in the hold. He never lets her arm go once. Walking down the road step by step and the rest behind them, they pay no attention. The girl knows this is all just a memory but it feels so real. She can feel the cold night and see the dark star light up the sky. The towers have brought back good memories and she is thankful. All a sudden it seems her open eyes are back to the fall summer eve. Its all over the towers have left after the last memory. She breaths in the fresh air and looks around. With a smile on her face, she gets up and walks away. To go and make new memories she can relive and remember over and over again.

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