Take Take Take

October 23, 2010
By ShedYourYellow SILVER, Mission, District Of Columbia
ShedYourYellow SILVER, Mission, District Of Columbia
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Franny is a twenty-five year old girl who happens to like other girls. She also happens to have a couple of parents who disowned her because of it.
Who could ever love her? Her parents can't even look at her anymore!

She hasn't even had her first kiss yet, and now she's hanging from a rope in a dead apartment just outside of Vancouver.

Alex just got back his marks on an important test today.
It is the first time he has ever failed anything in his life.
"If anything bad happens, I'll just kill myself," he used to say.
Well, something bad did happen.
Alex had extremely, over the top strict parents, who would verbally abuse him whenever he got less than 90 percent on anything.
And it caused his death.
Later a homeless man spotted his body from underneath a bridge.
Alex was thirteen.

Marlene is a homeless woman, nobody knows anything about her, but she has schizophrenia.
She slit her wrists in the bathroom of Tim Horton's and then walked down to the train tracks to die. She walked out of that stall and into crowds of people. Not one of them did anything. Her wrists are bleeding and none of them cared enough to do something.
This didn't surprise Marlene, no one ever had.

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