Silver Lake

September 26, 2010
Even though it was late, laughter could still be heard on the banks of silver lake. Four pale faces broke through the shadows like four moons lighting the dark evening sky. 40 toes could be seen hanging off the old wooden dock, by the small fish hiding in the weeds. If the full moon looked down it would see their hands held in one another’s, a chain of love, of friendship and of joy. A coyote howled in the distance and as it did many coyotes answered it. Alone one coyote song was slow and lonely, but many coyote songs together were full of feeling. As the chorus of howls rose into the evening sky Alyssa shivered and Carissa pulled her closer. Erin laid her head on Maddie‘s shoulder and as she did she pulled them all together. When they went back to the cottage that night they all snuggled in to Alyssa’s bed and looked at the full moon. If there really was a man in the moon he was watching them. They did not care if they still were in their clothes. One by one they drifted off to sleep.

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