August 7, 2010
By RawrLnRawr PLATINUM, Kewanee, Illinois
RawrLnRawr PLATINUM, Kewanee, Illinois
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It all began on July 7, 2006. The day my Mother walked out of my life. The day she left me with my Father, to go with another man. The Day she ruined my entire life.

It all happened so fast. Just like any other horror story will tell you, as soon as she left, my Father changed. Changed forever. I never saw my real father after that day, only a monster.

My Father pulled me out of school that year. At the age of 12, I was only in the 6th grade. He kept me home to do all the work. I would clean until my hands bled. Then, he became abusive. I gathered all the Hope that I had and stood strong.

By 13 my whole world was crashing down. He locked me in the basement, only coming down to give me my daily beating, then toss me the garbage that was my food. But that was the least of it.

At the age of 14 puberty was hitting me fast, and He saw that. My breasts were growing and my body was changing, becoming more adult. He wanted it. He raped me.

Within another year, my Father was running low on money. He had used everything that my Mother paid for Child Support, and quit his job. He soon found that he had made a big mistake. So, what else would a loving Father do than rent his daughters’ body to his friends for cash?

He had each and every one of his slimy friends put their hands all over me every other night. The other Nights, I was his. I never got a break. Hope always stayed in me, praying that my Mother would come back for me.

Not long after my 16th birthday, which he celebrated by a beating, he figured he had had enough of me.

I was sitting in the corner of my cold basement on the bare cement floor, naked, when I heard his footsteps on the stairs. I curled up into a tight ball, squeezing my eyes shut. ‘How much more of this could I take?’ I thought.

He got closer, then stopped about two feet away from me, just looking at my body. He licked his lips. I peeked up at him. He was holding something. A needle.

The next thing I know he has me sprawled out on the floor holding me down. My eyes wild as I struggle to get free, I always put up a fight. I happen to notice he has a sewing kit with him.

I yelp as I feel the needle plunge into my skin on the underside of my elbow, and something being injected into my bloodstream. I Sobbed as I felt everything turn black and go numb. I heard the horrible man whisper:

“I’m almost done with you, almost.”

I woke up frantic, flailing my arms out around me. My head spun around to see where I was. I was still in the moldy Hell of a basement. And that’s where I was, Hell.

I look down at my body to find he had done my body worse this time, but it wasn’t to the point of having to nock me out. He had done worse before. I was so confused, be wouldn’t have gone through all that trouble for nothing.

I felt around my body, just to make sure. Up my breasts, my neck, then to my face. I stop horrified at my lips. My lips were Sewn closed.

I started sobbing, pulling at the strings. My cries where muted behind my lips, barley audible. The more I pulled the tighter they seemed to be come, and worse they hurt.

‘I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die.’ I screamed in my head. ‘How will I ever eat, or drink? There is no way anyone could survive.’ I remembered back to my girl scout days where we learned about how long people would survive without food or water. ‘Not long, 2 weeks at the most?’

I looked around the basement. The only thing there was an old rotted dresser and a towel on the floor as my bed. I made my way up to my feet, and took wobbled steps to the dresser. ‘ maybe, just maybe, there will be something sharp.’ I prayed.

Just as I made my way to the dresser, I heard his footsteps on the stairs. I frantically ran back to the corner and curled back to my usual ball. This time he came straight to me and pick my frail body up into his husky arms.

I threw my fist at him trying to get him to drop me, my muted yells trying to come out. Suddenly a huge hand slapped down on my bony back, threatening to break it. I tried to yelp out in pain, but failed.

He lugged me up the stairs that I had not been past since I was 13 years old. My eyes widened with the dim hope of someone seeing me and coming to my rescue. My hope faded as he went straight through the kitchen and in through the garage door.

He went to the old maroon car that I remembered from my past and opened the trunk. He dropped me in, my body bending oddly to fit into the tiny area. I tried to scream out but it was useless.

He smiled evilly down at me and shut the trunk door. The car began moving, taking me to God knows where.

The car ride took for what seemed like forever, dreading the moment he would open the trunk. When it opened, sun poured in. I had not seen the sun in ages.

My scared eyes took in my surroundings as he pulled my body out of the trunk. I was in the middle of the desert.

The Monster took me to the side of the dirt road and plopped me onto the hard dirt. He leaded down to look at me.

“ I silenced you so you would not tell a soul of anything I had done to you, Not like you would see one out here any how. I am done with you, so you will die.”

With that he spun around and sulked back to the car, and drove off. Leaving me naked in the middle of the dessert.

‘I don’t give up without a fight.’ I thought to myself, finding my feet and standing up. I looked in both directions of the dirt path of a road, nothing seemed to me around. I was actually in the middle of no where.

I began to walk, knowing of nothing else to do. I walked for miles and miles, stopping only a few times for a break. I slept when I felt I really needed it, but not for long. I walked for days and nights, just trying to get somewhere.

But by the 4th day, I grew weak from hunger and thirst. I made myself go as far as I could until I collapsed. My body was burnt red from being in the sun for the first time in years. The sun, being my enemy, only seemed to dehydrate me more and more.

I laid there forever, not having the strength to move. I just cried and cried praying in my head:

‘Please, God, Please. Help me. I don’t want to die, I don’t ever want to die. Please, Lord, send someone to help me. Please. Please.’

When the darkness over took me, the one thing that kept me going seemed to fade away entirely;

My Name: Hope.

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