Life in The Turn Lane

April 20, 2010
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I took a pen and paper and began jotting down notes. My mind stirring and racing around trying to find all the pieces to this puzzle.

Nine thirty came. Second period , and everyone brushed shoulders walking past me. I don't pay attention to the other people and they never pay attention to me. I sat down in a semi-crowded classroom with the whiteboard empty and the floors concrete. No, people were not throwing fat wads of paper but they were making fun of and joking around with each other like they had nothing to lose. I try not to associate myself with those kind of people. The party scene, the jocks (who really aren't that hot) , and the cheerleaders who I swear are all lesbians just aren't my cup of tea. In fact the only person I usually talk to at school is Alex who I call A.J . He's like an older brother to me. He helped me clean up when Rachel McLander from the cheer squad dumped applesauce on my head for no apparent reason. He helped me when Lisa Ann who was also from the cheer squad put ketchup on my pants to make it look like it was that time of the month and he also helped me with homework when Mackenzie Arthur from the dance team clogged the toilets in the girls bathroom with my unfinished assignments for math. Yep, A.J has pretty much helped me through all the embarrassing , tough-sticky situations that high school has brought upon me. But I mean, everyone goes through the same thing right?

After school I met A.J in the parking lot so I could get a ride home . Seattle is always rainy so it’s very seldom that I walk the ten blocks to me and my mothers apartment. The ride home goes like this : A.J puts in a hip-hop CD , starts dancing around for a song and a half, talks to me about school and then rambles on and on about Natasha Myers ; The most loud, obnoxious girl in school. All her clothes have to be name brand, her hair has to be perfect and her nails have to be fake. Just like her.

“Yesterday Natasha came over and finally met my parents .” A.J boasted.
“Wow. Already huh ? “ I asked . “ I mean , you have only known this girl for ---. “
“She’s so amazing Anna. She even loves football. “ He interrupted.

That’s when I stopped the conversation . I was going to be home in 5 minutes exactly, and that gives me five more minutes to puke my brains out because I have to clean up prior to when my mom gets off work.
I thanked my bro for giving me a ride home like always, and walked up the winding stone path to the apartment. Bottom level , A2. It was so cold when I stepped foot inside that I had to run into my room to put on sweats and a sweatshirt . I would have turned on the heater but my mother freaks about the electricity bill. I went into the living room and right there, my pet peeve. Un-fluffed pillows and I didn’t make them this way either. It was probably Rick my moms ugly boyfriend. He’s tan, tall and muscular. Sounds good right? Except for one thing, he has a daughter named Brianna . She’s five, she picks her nose like its a hobby and is obsessed with cats. I fluffed the pillows , vacuumed the living room , took out the trash and went to go clean my already clean room. But somehow mom always finds something out of place. If its not one thing with her, it’s always another. My room is a lavender color with white trim. I have a twin sized bed, a television, a radio and a laptop which im never on . In my closets , I have a decent amount of clothes. Enough to make Paris Hilton look at me in awe. I made sure all my clothes were hung up too.

I heard the doorknob rattling downstairs. It was my mother.
“Anna ! I’m home sweetheart !. “ My mom shouted from living room. Whew I’m sav---
“Anna ! Why isn’t there salt in the salt shakers ? !“ My mom questioned loudly.
While she was rambling on about why she uses salt, how salt is made, why we need salt and what happens to the food if we don’t have salt, I walked downstairs, filled up the salt shaker, placed it on the table and walked upstairs. I was saved ...for only five minutes. “Anna !” Oh gosh , here she goes again. I did what my mom wanted and went to my room to call A.J . I asked him if he wanted to hang out and we had made plans to meet at Petey’s Diner at six thirty. Meanwhile, there was a rattle at the door. It was Rick and surprisingly, Brianna was no where in sight. That brought relief to me instantly. I looked over the upstairs banister down into the living room. I greeted him. “Hey Rick.” Mom was sitting on our floral loveseat reading National Geographic and Rick was taking off his jacket. “Hey Anna, How was school ? “ Rick replied.
“Same ol’ same ol’ “ I replied quickly.
“Ergm .” Rick grunted . He hates when I give short replies. He just grunts and shakes his head in disapointment everytime. I decided to go down and try and start a conversation with the two lovebirds. Before I could say “What a boring conversation,“ Six fifteen came . It was time for me to get in my 2000 Ford Focus and go to Petey’s Diner to meet my brother. When I arrived , I could see A.J sitting in a booth by the window. He didn’t notice I was there until I was in line ordering the special : Hand-Cut curly fries, Monster burger and a soft drink.
“Hey Anna .” A.J said smiling . He has such a contagious smile, his teeth so straight and white he can light up the all of Seattle. Of course
I smiled too and gave him a hug.
“So , whatchya gonna order ?” I asked .
“I’m thinking i’ll just split the burger with you if thats ok . “ Said A.J.
“Right before I got here Tasha and I went to the movies . I ordered popcorn with extra butter. And then when we got inside the movie , I was trying to pull the move and put my arm around her , but instead I knocked the popcorn off of my lap. “ He added. I could tell he was embarrased but I laughed my butt off in my head and let the sympathy flow through my words .
After telling him the world isn’t going to come to an end, my number was called and A.J helped me take the tray back to the booth he was sitting at. The bonding time was fun., We people watched and ordered Friday Sundeas. The down side was the fact that Natasha’s name popped up more than seventeen times. Yes. I counted. After I drove myself home , I lie in bed and thought to myself : Why her ?

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