Grandma's Gathering

April 14, 2010
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LaRae Gilliard
Grandma’s Gathering

The drive to Grandma Eleanor’s house seemed like it took forever. We finally make it to the front of Grandma’s house. 886 Charles Allen Dr NE. As I stepped out of the car I could hear the loud base of Marvin Gaye streaming through the speakers. The scent of barbecued ribs, fried fish, buttered biscuits, and fruit baskets tickled my nose. I went to the back yard while mom and dad took our bags inside.
“Hey baby, give Grandma some sugar!” Grandma yelled from across the yard. I ran over and gave her a big hug and greeted all my other family members. After mingling for about an hour, that Georgia heat started to mess with me, so I went inside, to find my 3 cousins, Bubba, Sharese, and Tani waiting for Aunt Carol to bring out the watermelon.
“Hey everyone, long time no see.” I spoke with excitement as I headed to the guestroom. I guess Tani thought I already was down there when she says.
“Since when do they come to Georgia? Her and her boosie mama.”
“Girl don’t you talk about your cousins like that” Aunt Carol scolded her while Bubba and Sharese snickered in the background. Here we go all the drama, this is why we don’t come down here, I thought to myself; all they want to do is argue and talk trash.
After I cooled down I went back outside to Grandma’s garden area to grab a peach. Uncle Charles runs by me and the look of fear on his face struck me. I ran over to the picnic tables where everyone earlier was having fun laughing, singing and dancing. But now are gloomed with sorrow, and Grandma was nowhere to be found. The loud sirens overcame the echoing music as the trucks got closer to the front of Grandma’s house and I was hoping it wasn’t what I thought it was. Grandma is known at the Emory University Hospital.
My prediction was right I stood in shock until the buff paramedic bumped me.
“Honey you have to move, we’re bringing her to the truck.” The man’s southern accent rang in my head. I slightly moved and watched the kayos as my half eaten peach hit the dirt. All I could think of was what happened to Grandma?
“Ma’am she will be fine with some rest, after we run a few test, she had a minor concussion after her last fall, and this party wasn’t exactly what she needed.” Another buff man told my Mom and Aunt Carol, because they were the only two acting civilized and not panicking.
After I heard the news I calmed down a little. But it never fails every time we come down here something crazy just has to happen!

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