Roller Coaster Song

February 28, 2010
“She's hot...,” I say pointing to the girl running the roller coaster, “Don't you think


“Yeah, sure, whatever...i can't wait to ride this ride dude. I heard that it is so awesomely

fast. Do you think it is? I hope so,” Corey replies jumping up and down like hes hyped on


“Sure...” I mumble in response to his question, as I give him a side-long glance. I know

him and he doesn't get very excited for roller coasters. He acts all cool and calm until we actually

get on the ride and it moves. I am the ride warrior and Corey is just the guy who is scream-then

-love-the rush-after. He must be acting like this to impress Sarah, since he isn't very

outgoing with at school. And since we are here for our physic's class, it would be a good

opportunity. Which brings me back to roller coasters and Corey they are just hilarious.

Remembering the last time we rode a roller coaster and I had almost peed my pants, I let

out a low laugh. Causing Corey to look at me with your weird look.

We were at Six flags with all our friends including Sarah, and had been waiting to ride

their superman roller coaster in ninety degree heat. We had just made it to the top, and Corey

starts getting jittery and scared. He's like, “dude, I don't think I can ride this one. It's like to


“Hey, what is there to be scared of? For serious, dude, you rode all the other

roller coasters.” I ask thinking he's just messing around. “Hey, wait, are you scared you might

pee your pants in front of Sarah?” I taunt him with a teasing tone.

“No, I'm not a two year old!” he says with a smile but a little anger underlining his tone

and in his eyes. He knows that I am just trying to lighten up his mood and so he doesn't miss out

on this amazing electrifying rush.

And then comes our turn to ride we step in the car get settled. After doing the buckles and

scurrying ourselves in we take of up the first steep hill. As we get have way up I hear “A, B, C,

D...” and I laugh asking “Dude, what are you doing? I thought only girls sing when they get

scared?” Totally ignoring me, and finished with the alphabet, Corey moves on to, “twinkle,

twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are? Like aaah........son-of-a-b*****...”

By this time I am so out of breath that I can't catch a breath. Coming to the bottom of this

long drop and speeding toward the top of the next hills Corey falls silent for a moment. And as

he takes a sharp in take of air he screams, “screw this... damn it...” Through the rest of the ride I

laugh and laugh and laugh. A the while Corey is screaming the whole vocabulary of the swearing

hand-book. I almost peed my brand spanking new sixty dollar pants.

As we round the last corner and start the slowing process, the swearing stops. It's quit for

a minute and then, “like a diamond in the sky. Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what

you are?”

“Hey, so Corey remember the last time we rode a roller coaster at Six Flags, Superman.

And you were singing on the way up the first hill then cussing up a storm. Well, dude it was

hilarious and all but don't do it this time. I mean you want to impress Sarah and the other girls,

right?” teasing him but also trying to help out with whatever fear he might not be showing.

“Yeah, I do. Don't worry man I am way over that embarrassing quirk. I got this don't

worry, I am so hyped and impatient it ain't even funny.”

“Okay, then lets ride. Woo-hoo,” I yell getting into the car.

We sit in the first car this time, we get all buckled and held in place. First the

hot roller coaster girl checks our bars and I nod at her, causing her to smile. Then the ride starts

to climb the first monstrous hill. I think we are cool and ready for the big drop, but...

“Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are? Like aaaaaaah.....holy

s***...damn it... I hate you Dustin...”

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