Platic Fame

November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Della Marie Ambrosia, had hazelnut, free-flowing hair that came down to her elbows,

Always perfectly styled. As soon as you look at her you notice a sparkle shining from her

Eye. With teeth that are so white they can be considered clear. Toped off with Brown

skin. She said her words softly but meant what she said and when she wanted something

she got what she wanted. Della was super friendly and made friends very quickly. Della

was a high fashion model living in New York City . Recently moved to the L.A area

because she had gotten a job opportunity to be the cover girl for COVER girl cosmetics.

Della had a long time friend that she knew that lived in Los Angeles. Her name was Kim.

To Celebrate Della’s visit, she and Kim went out to club Dragonfly. Located on Santa

Monica Blvd. The street was filled with tall standing eye popping green leaves ,with

calming sway of the fresh blue air from ocean.

The sound of “Let me break it down if you don’t get it, quality, I’m custom fitted, I’ma

Say it again, they ain’t got nothing on me, the way I walk, the way I talk, my swagga boy

You know every boss wanna-”Della searching in her purse.

-“Hello?” She said

-“Hi Girl, its Kim”

-“Oh hey girl” Della said.

-“Della, I was actually calling because we talked about doing that Cover girl cosmetics

shoot, so what are you doing in about an hour? Kim said “

-“Nothing, I’m shopping now, why what’s going on? Della replied.

-“Ok well do you wanna discuss the shoot over lunch at ketchup?” Said Kim

-“Yea For sure, see you at 2, later doll!” said Della.

Kim, was almost a spitting image of Della, except Kim had peachy cream skin with

Medium short hair . She was known for the best dressed on the red carpet.

2 p.m at ketchup seated.-

- “So, I’m really excited about this shoot but I’ve become really self- conscious about my

nose.” said Della, Bashfully.

-“Well, we do have a few months till the shoot and I’ve gotten my nose done and I get

Botox frequently, it’s no biggie, really! “, Said Kim

-OH-MY-GOSH! Really?!” Let’s go make an appt today for next week. Said Della with

raised eyebrows.

So, Della and Kim went to this famous doctor in Beverly Hills. Three months later she

went back for a check up after she had gotten her surgery, she was now fully recovered.

She and Kim had made it a routine to get botox done. They called it there “girls” day.

Little did they know how awful they truly looked and the word was being spread around.

Photo shoot-

At the photo shoot Della and Kim met some cute boys. They got there numbers and met

them out at Bar Louie. Bar Louie was known for having a high celebrity status. The boys

became a flop so, they wanted to “pump up the party”. There was Crank, known as

crystal meth, being passed around. They excused themselves from the bar and hurried

into the bathroom. They came out with a new fun and bubbly energy, more like loud--

obnoxious. Della’s manager happened to show up and noticed Della was on something.

Her manager made Kim and Della Leave.

-”O-M-G, I hope I don’t get photographed acting so dumb! Something like this could ruin my reputation.” Said Della

- “You know Della we are normal people and we do have to have fun once in a while,

live life the way you want and do things in life you want to do.” Said Kim.

Two Taxi’s arrived and both went there separate ways.

Phone Ringing-

-“Hello”, Kim said in a Groggy voice.

- “Kim, so I was thinking about last night, you-- know, be spontaneous. Well I was

Thinking I’m not to happy about my last plastic surgery and I wanted a little more work

Done. So I’m making an appt to get my Cheek Implant, Lip augmentation, and an

Eyebrow lift, for today at 11.

-”O.k., see you at 11, ill meet you up there at the office.” Said, Kim

Della then got her three plastic surgeries, when fully recovered. Della and Kim went out

That night to celebrate Della’s “new look”, Well everyone was then putting down Della’s

New look. The next morning Della was pictured on the front page of the inquirer

Labeled “Plastic ruins her fame”. She was also featured on the front of people magazine

Saying “The New Michael Jackson”. Della Totally Horrified. She and Kim decided to

have a girls night, slumber party accompanied by Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream and watch

chick flicks. The next morning they did there what made them feel best, shopping !! Della

felt much better and was ready to make an appearance out. Kim unfortunately couldn’t

make it out that night because she had to get up early; she was being featured in a film. So

Della decided to call up the one man she liked, his name was mark. She asked him to

meet her at bar Louie. Kim felt uneasy about him. He had dark-brittle-slicked back hair. Always work a black-loose, short-sleeve button down. He had a charm in his eye ,but

along with it came doubt to any women. Della thought they were having a good-time , but

little did she know he sliped her two roofies. Della then started to become sweaty, and

panting. She excused herself and went out side where it was nice and cold. She called kim

and told her she wasn’t feeling good and she forget where they are but she needed to get

home, Click. That was the end of the conversation. Quickly Mark grabbed her as she fell

into his arms, smashed her phone. Kim was so tired she thought she was dreaming. When

she woke up she called Della to see how her night out was. She was left to “ hey it’s Della

I’m unable to talk so leave me something fabulous”… Beeeep.

Kim said , “Oh her lazy but is probably still sleeping “.

Kim got ready and went to her photo shoot. During her break she turned on her favorite

channel, which was E, News! Kim began to read a red headliner that drew her attention,

panting and getting hotter and hotter … she then felt her stomach drop, then reading one

last time , she said it out loud to herself to make sure she was reading it right “ Della

Marie Ambrosia Found Dead in Winfield alley, No Information will be given until further



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