My First True Love

September 9, 2009
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He was an angel. Sitting there staring out the window his chocolate hair just barely sweeping across his green eyes. I had been finding my self looking at my best friend this way for a few months now. He was so interesting and attractive I could help it, he was just so beautiful.

Just about everyone knew that I liked him. Especially his best friend Jt. I should have known not to tell him the I liked Travis no matter how good of a friend he was to me, but of course I did. My thoughts were that Jt wouldn't tell Travis because I knew and he knew that Travis would never like me. I have good looks and all, I just had some family problems. Although I knew that he never would, a girl like me still dreams. He was just so perfect and I wanted that. I wanted my hero to also be my boyfriend. This is why what happened next took me by utter surprise.

As always us three were sitting at our usual table. Jt and Travis were chatting about one of their classes in between bites of their lunch while a sat turned toward Travis. To the human eye it might seem like I always look out the wall of glass to see my house thinking about the days events because I was always a deep thinker. However I was watching Travis trying to find out what he sees in the other girls that I don't have. When I finally saw that some sort of spat between all the boys I stopped day dreaming and tried to catch up on what the topic was. All anyone of them was saying was do it. clearly I had missed something. This went on for five minutes when finally I couldn't get anyone to tell me what was going on I slide around, stood up, and walked to talk to someone else who wasn't acting strange. Even then I had to leave because I was so interested in the conversation at the table behind me that I couldn't concentrate on my answers. I gave a hug and said see you in gym to my girlfriends and turned on my heels.

Facing the fighting table again, seeing my spot had been taken, I jokingly said "goodness thanks for taking my seat and went so sit on the side of Jt that Travis wasn't taking up when everyone just about had a fit. I didn't know why it was so important to sit next to Travis none-the-less Jt moved until it was just me and Travis. Travis leaned over to me as if it were a game of telephone and whispered in his sweet voice 'will you go out with me?" One can guess what I said next and that was all she wrote.

Life was great for me for three months. I had the man of my dreams and he loved me. I would spend all my money to get him gifts and we would have the longest hugs. The conversations we had were always so special calling me sexy and sweet and vice versa. I would always blush when Travis was mentioned I couldn't do anything to hide it either. I loved him so much he meant the world to me. Suddenly, he started acting strange. He wouldn't answer my text and he wouldn't even want to hug me. I begin to worry.

Trying to joke it off I playfully said to my best friend Nina that she should text him and ask him what's up. I gave her the number expecting her to do nothing but later that night her ring tone went off. She told me that Travis while thinking Nina was a girl he like said that he was going to break up with me. That he was in love with three other girls and not me. That he had never liked me. I was mortified. I took some Anbian CR and went to sleep hoping it all was a bad dream. After Homeroom, me and Nina scurried down the hall with my make-up running down my face. A whole crowd of people calling after me. I stopped and keeping my head down listened as Travis said 'I think we are better of as friends" being so hurt I cursed at him and said that he just liked some other girls and left.

Although we remain friends today he was the first out of millions to have my heart, and break it without caring.My first love was the worst love I have known.

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Ash_K said...
Dec. 26, 2009 at 8:36 pm
hey girl, this is really a piece of art. there is so much emotion put into this writing. it could use a little proofreading and a couple of fixes with sentence structure but it was absolutely amazing.! keep writing!
Hope_Princess said...
Sept. 20, 2009 at 8:39 pm
That's soooooo sad! And you only had 3 months with him, what a pity. I really hope that you'll find a guy that will love you for eternity, you really deserve it.
Keep writing!
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