April Fools

May 30, 2009
By Miss.Super-Hyperactive BRONZE, Willow Springs, North Carolina
Miss.Super-Hyperactive BRONZE, Willow Springs, North Carolina
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In seventh grade on April Fool’s Day I was walking out of my English class, with my best friend at the time, Brittany, to third period Science class with Mrs. Partin. Sneeha, a girl in our class, came running up to us. “We have the coolest April Fool’s joke for Mrs. Partin! We’re gonna hide at the staircase and “skip” the first five or ten minutes of her class”
Brittany and I looked at her like she was crazy and Brittany said, “Are you crazy?!”
Just then Ms. Chilton came up and said, “It’s OK. You’ve got my permission” So we went to the staircase and it was swamped. Our entire class was there, so it was kind of noisy too. No one noticed that Ms. Chilton had disappeared.
We were laughing and talking when Tyree, our scout, went to see how Mrs.Partin was reacting to our prank. It was quiet. Everyone was holding his or her breath. Tyree came in and said, “She’s just typing on her computer, smiling!” We were dumbfounded. We just stared at each other and Tyree. We were silent when he went to check again. He ran back in like five seconds flat. “She says to come to class right now!”

Smiling nervously, we made our way to Mrs. Partin’s room. I was smiling but inside I was dreading going to class. I knew a horrible punishment awaited us. We all silently took our seats and stared guiltily at Mrs. Partin. “What a good April Fool’s Day prank! Too bad it is against school rules! Mr. Brite, the principal will be coming in shortly to discuss your suspension. Get out paper and a pencil we have a lot of notes to take and we might not have time thanks to your prank”

Brittany started crying the moment she said “Prank”. I, on the other hand started bawling at the word ”Suspension”. We quietly took notes and sobbed. At least Britt and I did. I wrote to her “Oh my gosh. She is sooo mean!” Britt wrote back “ I’m going to the guidance office after this” “Me too! I thought she could take a joke! Wait!” I stopped and thought. “What if this is some cruel and unusual April Fool’s joke?!” I passed it silently to her. “Was it my imagination or did Mrs. Partin just see that?” I wondered, loathing her. I waited for her to say, “Brittany bring me that note!” but she never did.

Brittany raised her hand to ask to go to the bathroom. A few minutes after she left, Mr. Brite came in. He stared at us and said grimly, “I’ve never had to punish a whole class before. You are my first” People’s mouths dropped open. Some shrugged and others didn’t even blink. It probably just seemed like vacation to them. I on the other hand started to wail long with others (Sneeha was one of them and she was the one who started the prank!)

Brittany came in and saw my face and mouthed “what happened?’’ I wrote a note to her that said, “Mr.Brite came in. No joke. Never had to punish a whole class. We’re his first. I’m so scared!” Brittany wrote back” Me too! My mom’s not gonna like this”

The bell rang so I gathered up my stuff and started to leave. Mrs. P yelled, “Mr. Brite was in on it, APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!” I was so upset (and relived) I started crying again. I ran out to the nearest phone I could fine and called my mom. I wanted to go home but she couldn’t get me. I felt so betrayed and alone.

Around twelve forty-five I was at my locker getting my gym clothes for my next class, when Mrs. P saw me and came out of her classroom. “Oh no” I thought. “Maybe if I ignore her she’ll go away” But if you’ve ever tried to ignore a teacher you know it is close to impossible. So I slammed my locker, turned around and pretended to be surprised, “Oh. Hi Mrs. P. I didn’t see you. Well I gotta go!” I said quickly. “Mr. Rojas wants me back in five minutes”

She frowned, “Well, I need to talk to you. I’m sorry I made you cry in class today”

“I wasn’t the only one crying!” I blurted.

“That’s true, but you were the only person who was so upset”

“Oh” I mumbled. She told me this story of an April Fool’s prank some one at work did to her once. At the beginning I was smiling, but at the end I was laughing. It was a good joke she played, a bit mean but she got us good. I wish I hadn’t cried. I wish I had laughed. I guess on April Fool’s Day we’re all the “Fools”.

The author's comments:
True story.

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