Saving Necklace

April 27, 2009
By Lindsay Peebles BRONZE, Elgin, South Carolina
Lindsay Peebles BRONZE, Elgin, South Carolina
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I love my grandmother with all my heart. I love our talks, laughs and even tears. I can't imagine doing anything hurtful to her. But I did. I had gotten my phone taken away several times already because i kept taking it back after I got it taken away and getting caught with it again. One day I became disgusted with my self. I had succeeded in taking the phone yet again. Why Did I keep taking it? A boy. Someone I should have known was just playing me in his hands like silly putty. So, I threw the $200 dollar phone, a gift from my sweet grandmother, into a pond. But i was obsessed. I had to text. So i sneak bought another one, this time to talk to a differant guy.Well this guy also played me so, its my own stupidity. To keep the phone going I had to use my sweet grandmothers credit card. Well, I had to sneak it. So I did. My grandma became curios about the strange charges and asked my parents. They knew right away what happend. They took everything from me. They no longer trusted me. I was depressed. I had done this to myself. It's all me. No one else's fault. So I knew what I needed to do. With a shaking hand, I took a knife and held to my sinful heart, and stabbed. The breath was knocked out of me. Was this death? It was so easy... pretty soon I gained sight and looked at my chest. My silver half-moon crescent necklace, a gift from my grandmother, had stopped the knife. I remembered what she said when she gave it to me,"This is my heart, it will protect you when it knows your time is not up and somethings not suppose to happen." I never hurt my grandmother again. After all, she did save my life.

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