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February 24, 2017
By Ilse_Spiro GOLD, Palmer, Alaska
Ilse_Spiro GOLD, Palmer, Alaska
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"Do you know the difference between an error and a mistake? Anyone can make an error, but that error doesn't become a mistake until they refuse to correct it."
-Grand Admiral Thrawn
Heir to the Empire, by Timothy Zhan.

3679 years before the battle of Yavin, The sith army has started a war against the Republic and  the Jedi. The conflict rages on and destroys lives throughout the galaxy as more systems fall under Sith control. The Jedi scramble to find force sensitive younglings to join their ranks. Trying their best to hold off the evil Sith Lords, the Jedi have become desperate for allies. The faction known as the Galactic Sith Hunters have proven a valuable ally to the Jedi, but they lack proper training to combat sith. Amongst both the Jedi and Sith order there are those who disagree with the war and doubt there masters, causing both sides to become brutal towards those who don’t share their views and distrustful of others. As the rainy battle of Rangin 4 escalates the jedi find themselves vastly outnumbered, struggling to keep their knights alive they call in help from the GHS.


A GHS Assault ship drops out of hyperspace to meet a heavy blockade. Ship fire begins as the troops attempt to make there way onto the planet of Rangin 4 to assist the desperate Jedi. The Assault ship is met by more ships of her fleet as the GHS rain hell on the Sith blockade. Requiring even more help a Jedi aboard one of the Gunships sends a signal to the Jedi temple requesting they sent assistance as quickly as possible so the planet may be captured.

   Era's knees were planted into the floor of her small simple room in the Jedi temple. She sat resting on her ankles with her hands resting on her legs. Her room was dark and it was night outside. Her eyes were slits and her head hung down. Her mind left her body as she fell into the force. She was frustrated. The Republic had launched an attack on the Sith outpost on Rangin 4. Jedi were sent to assist, but not her. She had talked out against a part of the code again and was being punished. She felt some of the masters still treated her like a padawan. Era was afraid she would never be trusted, never get her chance. It had been 15 years since she had joined the order at age five and she was still being treated the same. She wanted to be at the battle, avenging…. Avenging those she had lost.
She scolded herself,
Fear and revenge are paths to the dark side.
Era had seen what becomes of fallen Jedi. She had seen captured Sith on trial and had encountered a few on her missions. She had even been forced to killed a few in her time. But the main thing she recalled from the encounters was the darkness. The hate, anger, rage, and power that glowed in their eyes and flowed through their veins. The pure, cruel, uncontrollable darkness that had been set free inside them. She shivered at the thought and once again let her mind clear.
This time as her mind drifted she felt the suffering of the battle on Rangin 4, the pain of her brothers and sisters who fought, the pain of the republic soldiers at they were cut down by Sith.
Suffering leads to the darkness
she thought
and yet suffering is necessary to stop darkness?
She pondered this idea for quite some time. She felt lost, confused, and alone. The rules of the Jedi were strict and constricting, how could she help people without the freedom to stop those who destroy them. But, the Jedi had to be righ, they were all she knew, they had to be right.
Era finally decided that she would behave, that she would act as a perfect Jedi until the next battle so that she would be able to go. To fight for her republic and the Order. She would go, and she would suffer, she would suffer if it meant peace for the galaxy. With this thought Era had peace. She let her eyes close all the way. She lifted her head and took a deep breath. Then softly started to speak out loud.
"There is no emotion,"
She said
"There is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death,"
"There is the force."
She concluded.
With that she rose to her feet, opened her eyes and prepared for bed.
?    Era woke up early. The Battle was still going on. Even from across the galaxy, she felt the tension building. She sat up on her bunk and looked down at her Vornskr, Ri. The dog like creature lay half asleep on the floor. Ri lifted her head as Era rose.
"Well girl looks like we are going to do what we can from here and be ready for next time."
Ri let out a low growl and let her head fall back to the floor. Era put on her boots and picked up her lightsabers from their resting place on her shelf. She sat down and meditated again. It was killing her to be away from the action. She forced herself up, leaving Ri in the room she headed toward the training area of the temple. She would go on the next assault, and she would do so with the full support of the masters. ?Using secret halls she had discovered some time back she made her way into the training room practically unnoticed by anyone.
    About an hour later  Era hears an announcement calling all Jedi Knights to the flight deck. Era obeys and goes to the flight deck again using the hidden halls. All the Jedi Knights who were not already at the battle were there. Up on a raised platform stood her old Jedi Master Sorin Grail.
“The Sith have more numbers than we thought.” He said through his Kel Dor mask.
“You're all being sent to assist the masters and fellow knights. Stay safe, and may the force be with you.” Era smiled, she was glad the force willed her to go to the battle. Within an hour Era was in her starfighter and on route to Rangin 4. She meditated during hyperspace, and before she knew it she was dropping into orbit around the planet. Cloaking her ship to slip past the blockade she slides unnoticed to the planet's surface landing her ship a few clicks north of the main battle.
    Leaving her ship she slowly and carefully made her way to the battle, aware of her surroundings and listen to the force for warnings. She senses a young Sith, she crouches behind a rock in waiting. The naive sith apprentice is too consumed in anger and bloodlust to notice her and she quickly impales him as he comes around the rock.
“May you be one with the force.” She says looking down at his lifeless body. She turned and continues to the battle. Unknowing that across the battlefield a powerful sith senses her presence.
    Praxis stands on the edge of a ledge looking down at the blood filled trench below him. The Jedi were quickly falling. This would be a great victory for the sith. Suddenly he senses the presence of a young Jedi just a few clicks north. With no more Jedi in his immediate proximity to kill he heads for the Jedi. A second sith, Darth Kalnus senses the Jedi and pegs her as an easy target. Smiling to himself beneath his mask he starts in a jog in her direction.
    Era, sensing a sith, prepares herself for a fight. Turning to run she realizes too late that she failed to sense the second sith closing in on her. Within a few steps she found herself face to face with the masked Sith. Surprised Era takes a quick step back and ignites her two silver sabers. She sees another Sith jump down behind her.
“Where are you going young Jedi?” He says in a mocking and gravely voice. The sith in front of her takes a step forward,
“Are you afraid” he says from behind his mask, “Are you afraid of my power?”
"No not scared" She replies calmly, gripping her sabers tighter and looking for an opportunity to get out from between them. "Fear is a path to darkness. Darkness turns a person into a monster like you" The unmasked and clearly higher ranked Sith steps back,
“She’s young and wouldn’t be hard for me to beat, Kalnus, lets see how long it takes you to kill her, consider this a test.” Era scowles, even the Sith thought of her as a weak link.
The masked sith laughs and ignites is fiery red saber slashing at Era’s midsection. Era ducks and kicks at the feet of the sith striking at his knees with one of her sabers and blocking with the other. The two engage in an intense duel combining lightsaber, kicks, and force moves in an attempt to hold one another off and gain an edge. The unmasked Sith stands watching with his hands on his back. He turns his head when he hears the sound of a GHS gunship approaching, He ignites his two sabers and begins to block blaster fire coming from GHS troops. Era turns her head for just a second to look at the gunship behind her, she has just enough time to see fellow Jedi Knight Karin engage the sith. Her concentration broken the Sith in front of her takes the opportunity to send a powerful bolt of force lightning sending her flying and knocking her unconscious. Before the Sith has a chance to kill her he is met by GHS fire and forced to take defensive measures.
    Era awakes aboard a GHS gunship, Karin looks over to her as she sits up.
“When I sent for reinforcements, I didn’t ask for naive, hotheaded, padawans .” He said clearly annoyed. “Your welcome by the way”
“Excuse me” Era stood up. “I’m a Jedi knight, My name is Era Spiro and Im 20 not a child. By the way I had it covered, if you hadn’t come in both those sith would be dead.”
“Don’t overestimate yourself, they would have taken you easily. The Jedi have been all but destroyed in this battle, we have been ordered to retreat and return to the Jedi temple. My name is Karin by the way.”Karin looks down at a map
“I know who you are, we graduated to Knight together, so don’t act like you’re my master.” Era frowns, “My ship is two clicks west from where we are, please drop me there.”
Kalen nods and asks the GHS captain to land at Era’s ship.
    Era jumps in the c***pit of her starfighter and once again cloaks it, she finds a small gap in the blockade and takes the chance to escape the planet's orbit. She is about to make the jump to hyperspace to get back to the temple when she changes her mind and puts in the corwardenance for the outer rim planet of Tatooine. Era had disappointed the Jedi again, she wasn’t the perfect Jedi she wanted to be, she wasn’t what the council needed.  She thought a quick drink would do her good, even if it was against orders, again. 
    Landing at Mos Eisley, Era locks up her ship changes out of her jedi robes, puts on a black cloak and heads for the cantina. She steps inside and hears the lively music of the Bith band in the corner. The bustle of people all around her made her feel normal and comfortable. She was about to sit down when she spotted two sith one human and one Zabrak. The human was clearly intoxicated, and both of them were sitting in a table in the back of the cantina. Something about them seemed familiar. In the back of her head Era felt the force whispering at  her to talk to them. Feeling angry, confused, and disappointed with the jedi and knowing that if she didn’t confront the sith they would soon enough detect her. She makes a rash move.
What the hell
She thinks to herself as she walks over to them, not sure why she is being so stupid. She stops next to there table.
“Gentleman.” she says nonchalantly with her hands on her hips.
“Jedi” The drunk one lets out a growl, raising his hand he grips her in a weak and sloppy but still threatening force choke, the other Sith watches with a straight face. Refusing to struggle Era manages to speak.
“Oh come on,” she begins to lose her breath, “I was just going to buy you a drink, I don’t want to fight.” The other sith reaches across the table and grabs the drunk ones hand and stops him from continuing the force choke. The sober Sith, the Zabrak, cocks his head slightly.
“Have a seat” He gestures to an open chair. Era takes a seat and orders three drinks from the twi'lek waitress. Both the Sith stare at her questioningly.
“What?” she says leaning back in her chair. “I can’t set my duties aside for a few minutes to have a drink?”  The sober one shrugs, taking a drink from his beverage in front of him, he had no urge to fight either. The other frowns and rests his head on his hands propped up on the table, a few seconds later his head slammed down on the table as he passed out from drunkenness. Era laughed
“Some friend” she says mockingly taking a drink
“He’s my apprentice, His name’s Damien, he doesn't know when to stop.” the Zabrak responded calmly. “Im Xalyxxys, and yourself?”
“Era” She says almost sadly, feeling her name had been lost to the Jedi.
“What are you doing here Jedi?” He asks
“I really don’t know, I had to get away from the Jedi for a little bit. Too many force damned rules.”
“We agree” Says Xalyxxys, “The sith like there rules too, but i think they're a bunch of Bantha fodder.” Era tilts her head, raises her eyebrows, and smirks looking down at her glass.
“Can’t argue there” She sits there and drinks, not even looking at either of the Sith. They finish their drinks silently. Damien wakes up and frowns at his master the two men pay for there drinks and leave the cantina without a single word. Era sits still for a few minutes, thinking about the odd encounter she had just had. She eventually made her way back to her ship and back to the temple where she was ridiculed for being late back to the temple. She managed to blame it on a bad hyperdrive and get off with warning. She went back to her room where Ri greeted her happily, Era meditated and went to bed just like every other night, only now she was even more confused with herself.
    Over the months the battles continue, each bloodier than the last. The Jedi begin to win battles and make a push back against the Sith. Slowly Era finds herself drifting away from the rules of the Jedi, hating their rules more and more, hating their goals and standards. But in an odd way she still felt completely dependent and attached to them. The Jedi Order was all she had ever known, she needed an outside opinion that she had never been privlaged with. Era found herself after battle, back at Mos Eisley, she shared a drink with the two Sith. The people she once called the enemy, she slowly became friends with. They confide in one another, telling the struggles of each faction they belong to. Damien and Xalyxxys share battle strategies with her and she with them. The two men who she met by happenstance start to feel like brothers to her. She never tells the Jedi of their alliance and they never tell the Sith. There friendship stays a secret.
Six months after the battle of Rangin 4, the Jedi make a bold attack on the sith homeworld of Korriban. The Sith are sent into a state of all out rage, both having a home field advantage extra hate to drive them, the Jedi are vastly outmatched. 
On the planet Sith and Jedi drop all around Era. Focusing only on staying alive. Amongst the chaos Era finds herself standing in front of Xalyxxys and Damien. They each look at one another and then at her. They nod to her, through the force she hears Damien say
Trust us. She nods back, desperately wanting to trust them. Suddenly they are both attacking her with their sabers, feeling betrayed she fights back.
Trust us, she hears again. She shakes her head and starts to move backward to avoid their strikes. Within a few minutes she finds herself backed against a cliff with the two sith standing in front of her. Xalyxxys does a quick check of the surroundings then deactivated his saber, Damien does the same. “
“Come on, you didn’t think we’d actually kill you, did you?” Damien asks
“Your Sith, I have to expect the worst.” Era puts away her own sabers.
“Im hurt” Says Xalyxxys sardonically. “Come on, we’ve got a ship just around the corner.”
“Where are we going?” Era follows them as they start walking.
“To the Jedi temple.” Damien smiles.
“What! Are you crazy?!” Era stops, the two turn around to face her.
“No” Xalyxxys explains, “Your going to arrest us, gather supplies, and then break us out and were gonna leave these crazy orders we call home.” Era’s jaw drops open
“Whoa you can’t just expect me to leave everything.” Era’s heart started to race with the thought.
“Why not?” Damien responds, “You’re constantly talking about how they don’t respect you, don’t trust you, and don’t agree with you.”
“But what about the fact that if we do this we’ll be charged with treason by both the Jedi and Sith?” She says still not moving. “They will both want us in prison or dead.”
Damien rolls his eyes “Come on, don’t be a mouse droid.”
Era shakes her head, she looks down and then continues walking. Sighing she says, “Well then, may the force be with us.” Walking around the corner she sees a standard republic issue shuttle. “Is this yours?”
Xalyxxys nods, “Yeah it’s called a Scimitar”
Era runs her hand across the outside of the ship. She had seen them flying they were lovely ships. “The republic has a few of these, but i’ve never been in one, there brand new, how did you get it?”
“What do you think? We stole it. come on because we have to get going.” Damien walks aboard the ship and preps it for takeoff. Era and Xalyxxys follow. Xalyxxys takes a seat in the copilot spot and Era sits in a crew seat.
They take off and make the jump to hyperspace on route Coruscant. Era meditates the whole way there, she mentally prepares herself, she knows this is what she has to do but it was a very dangerous decision. When they arrive in orbit Era takes over the controls and sets them down on a landing pad outside the detention sector of the Jedi Temple. As they land she puts the two Sith in binders and takes their sabers, hiding the weapons in her cloak. As the ship lands Era sees a Jedi walk out of the temple to meet them.
    “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” Says Xalyxxys as he moves out of the way so Era can open the ramp.
“Stay here for a second.” She says to the men. Era walks off the ship to meet the jedi. It was Karin walking towards her.
    “Good afternoon Era, back from Korriban so soon?” He asks stopping in front of Era.
“I bring prisoners.” Era smiles, selling the fact that she was proud to have captured two sith.
    “Really?” Karin raised an eyebrow, “You’ve improved your skills a lot then. How many do you have?”
“Two sith, master and apprentice I think, there both unarmed, I caught them stealing this ship.” She walks back onto the ship and Karin follows. Era grabs the two sith by the binders and pushes them out of the ship.
“Im taking them to the sith detention level, can you inform some temple guards that they need extra security down there?’’ She asks Karin as they enter the temple. Karin nods and begins to walk towards the direction of the nearest guard post. He stops when the Sith starts talking.
“You think a few extra guards will hold us?” Damien chuckles raising his head to meet Karins glare with a sinister smile. 
“Sith scum.” Karin says as he walks away cursing under his breath. Era scowls at Damien as she pushes them forward towards the turbolift.
“Was that really necessary?” she asks, the two sith just smile slightly and step into the lift. When the reach the sith detention level Era leads them down the hall to two empty cells. A Jedi shadow named Kai sees them and offers his help in interrogation.
“Why don’t you deal with the initial interrogation, I need to debrief. Take an initial psych-eval,  i’ll be back in a few hours to do the full interrogation.” She says to the shadow
“Yes Ms.Era” He bows slightly to his superior. Era bows her head and makes her way back to her room.
Era spends several hours collecting supplies. Loading food, credits, medpacks, nav-charts, ship parts, and data cards onto the Scimitar. Finally Era gets her few small personal items aboard along with Ri. She transports the ship to a landing platform only a few hidden halls away from where the Damien and Xalyxxys were being held. After landing the ship she heads back inside to find Kai still sitting outside the cells calmly talking to the sith trying to get little bits of information. He nods as she walks by, stepping back giving her room to work. She turns on the force dampener array in both cells.
“I need to be able to see there faces in order to do my interrogation. Don’t let anyone in unless I specifically ask.” She says before opening the door to Xalyxxys’ cell and closing it behind her as she steps in. Once inside she ignites one of her sabers and cuts a hole to Damien’s cell and lets him step in. She pulls out their lightsabers from under her cloak.
“There you go” She says stepping past them to the wall behind Xalyxxys. She begins cutting another hole in the wall. This wall was  Mandalorian iron alloy so it took the saber some time to cut through it. About half way through the circle the door opens behind them. Kai steps into the cell.
“Traitor! I knew something was off.” He ignites his saber and calls Karin over the coms.
“Master Karin, there are three Renegades in temple, Master Era is assisting Sith, requesting backup.”
“Bantha fodder!” Era yells. Xalxxys and Damien igniter there sabers holding Kai back as Era finishes cutting the hole. As the sabers complete the circle she kicks the thick piece of metal down into the hall behind it. Stepping through the hall she turns and provides cover as the two men step through the opening. Once they are all in the hall Era starts sprinting to the right, at the end of the hall she turns right again and pushes through a door to the normal halls of the temple. Within seconds temple guards and Jedi knights from all around have their sabers out and begin to surround Xalxxys, Damien and Era.
“Don't kill anyone, and follow my lead.” Era says to the two. They nod as the three of them form a defensive triangle. The Jedi step closer slowly. Suddenly Era jumps up high into the air landing on a ledge in the wall. Damien and Xalxxys follow suit and find themselves standing on Era’s left. “Out the window?”  Damien asks. She nods and all three of them jump outside. The ship was waiting ready and running just a hundred yards in front of them. As they board the ship Era turns around in time to see Kai and Karin run out of the building, sabers ignited. They stop and Era sees Karin mouth a curse word. The ship takes off and the ramp closes. Era smiles and turns around to see Damien at the helm setting in coordinates. Ri stands and inspects the two men who boarded with Era.
“Where we going?” Era asks walking up next to Xalxxys who was standing behind Damien.
“Home sweet home” He says quietly
“Mustafar?” Xalxxys raises his eyebrows. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Damien says noting and sets the coordinates.
“Wait” Era reaches for the controls. “First stop here! There’s something that can help us on this planet.” Damien nods and sets a stop in the hyperspace route.
They land on a jungle planet. Era grabs her bag and she and Ri are the first ones out of the ship. Ri runs in a few small circles bouncing with excitement.
“What is this place?” Asks Damien.
“My home, Myrkr” Era calls Ri heel. “You mentioning home reminded me of mine, and I got an idea.” She starts walking through the jungle forest cutting down greenery as she goes. “I was raised here until I was 5 by my parents.” the thought of her parents makes a lump appear in her throat, she swallows it and continues. “The Jedi don’t like this planet, There’s a creature here called Yslamari. Were about to step into their territory.” Era takes a few steps forward then stops. Damien and Xalxxys stare at her in disbelief.
“The force” Xalxxys finally says. “Its, its just gone”
“Yep,” She smiles, “The yslamari have evolved to create bubbles in the force to prevent being hunted by Vornskrs.” She pets Ri. “They inhabit most of this planet, causing it to be mostly Jedi and Sith free, and now we can use these yslamari to hide ourselves from the Jedi that are no doubt trying to track us right now.” She pulls out several small metal tubes from her pack. These are portable yslamari habitats. Watch me pull one from its branch then spread out and do the same. Having them on the ship will make us harder to track.” Era finds a tree and climbs it, slowly she peels the lizard creature from its branch. The yellow yslamari is about the size of her forearm. Xalxxys and Damien grab tubes and begin to fill them. Once they have enough they board the ship once again and make there way to Mustafar. Damien leads them to a fort type building that had once been his home, and there they set up camp.
The three spend several long months on the planet, training, growing closer and becoming stronger. They ran missions to other planets. Defending planets village at a time. Stopping Sith and Jedi from disrupting lives. They became known as the Renegades. Both the Jedi and Sith despised them, they wanted them gone because they continuously interfered with the war. The Jedi especially wanted Era in custody, because unlike other fallen Jedi, instead of becoming a Sith she was proving fallen Jedi could do good. Capturing her became a number one priority for the Jedi. They begin tracking every movement of their ship. Eventually they track the ship to the base on Mustifar. Preparing an assault blockade, Karin is set in charge of bringing Era back. 
Damien rushes inside when Era is meditating.
“The Jedi found us, and the Sith found them. We need to get off the planet ASAP.” He said short of breath. “Get your things.”
Era jumps up running to her room as Damien warns Xalxxys. Era and Ri meet the two in the main room of the building. They make there way out of the building only to find that Jedi have already surrounded their ship. They engage the republic troops and few Jedi. The Renegades make a break across the lava covered land running to nowhere in particular. They make it out of the sight of the Jedi and come face to face with glowering sith. Era skids to a stop taking a defensive stance.
“Jedi” he says sounding annoyed.
“Were not Jedi” She smiles “We’re Renegades.”
The sith tilts his head and removes his dark mask revealing a tattooed zabrak face underneath. He stands in a more relaxed and friendly stance.
“Names Arkahmos” He dips his head “Nice to meet you Renegades” Two more men step up over a hill and join Arkahmos. “This Mailus and Zhazzir” The two of them nod, before Arkahmos has the chance to finish his sentence another sith steps over the hill glowering at the group. Behind him ten sith guards form a half circle.
“Arkahmos, you’ve caught them. These are the traitors to the order, and this little Jedi slipped away from me once but not again. You Xalxxys? I can’t believe you would leave our ranks you showed so much promise and yet you’ve thrown it all away? Coward!” He stepped down from his perch and started walking towards Xalxxys. Arkahmos stepped in front of him and shook his head. Putting his hand out he stopped Piraxis mid stride. Piraxis scowled and put his hand near his saber. Xalxxys steps forward pushing Arkahmos to the side, he steps back to stand next to the Renegades, Malus and Zhazzir follow. Era watches the whole thing silently. She steps forward as Xalxxys gives himself over. Arkahmos grabs her arm and pulls her back.
“He has to do this “ He says. Tears form in Era’s eyes, she didn’t want to loose a brother. Xalxxys stands only a few inches from Praxis.
“If you want me take me, but you leave them alone.” He says
Praxis laughs “That’s not how this works my old friend, I’ll kill you all” His voice turns into a growl.
“I think not Praxis.” Malius steps forward. Damien, Arkahmos and Zhazzir do the same. Finally Era steps a foot in front of them and says simply and plainly.
“I’m a Renegade, fight me you little sithspit.”
Angered further by the insult he waves his hand at his guards that begin a march towards Era and the others. Praxis steps around Xalxxys and focuses his attention on Era.  The five men split and start engaging the sith guards. Era swallows and ignites her sabers as Praxis draws nearer. He let’s his saber loose and it’s hiss echos through the low craitor they stand in.
Yelling he throws a quick strike at her head. Pulling up both sabers to block the strike Era pivots out of the range of his anticipated next strike. He ignites his shoto and swings the blade a split second after She had cleared its path. The two exchange blows and hits, fighting at a speed Era had once only dreamed of matching. The force pumped through her veins and everything around her went blurry. All she could see was his fiery blades and her silver streaks as she slashed and blocked. Time seemed to slow for her as she started to become more offensive. Praxis was surprised, Era started moving forward, her strikes increasing in speed and strength. Praxis took steps backward beginning to favor a form IV. The knowledge of her brothers depending on her and the need to avenge herself made Era stronger. She cut his shoto out of his hand. Using two hands on his one saber he went completely defensive. Era struck harder, faster, harder, faster until finally she got her shot. Kicking the handle of his saber, it flew out of his hands, she instantly plunged her sabers into both of his shoulders. He fell to his knees. Her mouth twitched in a smile.
“Sith like you killed my parents.” She said her voice icy calm. Seeing her rage build, Arkahmos finishes off the guard he had been fighting and as quickly as he can makes his way over to her.
“You won’t be able to sleep.” He says grabbing her arm as he starts running calling the rest of the men. Era looks back at Praxis as she starts to run. He collapsed from the pain of his wounds as she ran, part of her flinched as she saw him fall.
“I’m sorry” she whispered.
Arkahmos leads them to a large ship. Once they are all onboard, Era, Xalxxys and Damien officially introduce themselves. 
    “We know who you are” says Malus “Name of your break off has spread through the galaxy like wild fire. There are many who respect you.”
“Including us” Arkahmos adds. “We’ve been tracking your movements and missions. I would be honored to join the ranks of the Renegades” he bows “So I guess that’s our name then” Era laughs putting her hand on his and Malus’ shoulders. She looks at all five men. “We’re the Renegades” They all smiled, holding up their fists.
“Wiser than Jedi, stronger than Sith” Damien says.
“We’re family” Says Xalxxys
“And more wait to join your cause on Iridona, they wait for you Era, the Jedi who realized she was wrong too.” Arkahmos adds “Sith have been turning light and grey for years, but jedi have never seen there flaws without turning dark, people look up to you.”
Era smiles wider.
“Thank you” she said quietly.
Arkahmos’ ship large enough to be a freighter easily slipped off a back pocket passage of the planet and a few hours later they landed on Iridona. There were about 20 men and women waiting for the Renegades. Era stepped out of the ship with Ri at her side. The other Renegades joined her, when they were all standing side by side the crowd cheered. Era finally felt accepted. The fear she had once had diminished. She had found home. With her brothers, with the Renegades. Suddenly something struck her, the Sith were wrong, she had always known that. But so were the Jedi. She had always thought she was the problem within the order, but now she saw that they lacked the loyalty and emotion necessary to fight as brothers.
“Say something” Damien whispers. Calmly she raises her hands asking the people for silence. Calmly she says.
“Seeing in the dark is impossible, but staring at the sun will make you blind.” Smiling she walks off the ramp of the ship and into the building that had been set up. The Renegades had a lot of work to do if the were going to keep the galaxy in order.

To be continued……..

The author's comments:

This is a fan fiction based on the Star Wars KOTOR time period. But it is also a story of enlightnement. Hope you enjoy.

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Favorite Quote:
"Do you know the difference between an error and a mistake? Anyone can make an error, but that error doesn't become a mistake until they refuse to correct it."
-Grand Admiral Thrawn
Heir to the Empire, by Timothy Zhan.

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