I'm Not a Monster

November 11, 2013
Late one chilled October night on the eve Halloween 6th year Harry potter was on his way to the astronomy tower to think some things over and remember what he could about his parents like he now did on many nights. As he was nearing the top of the tower he heard the deep tones of professor Snape but no voice in reply. Was Snape up hear talking to himself? As he reached the top he was shocked to hear the words coming from the professors mouth. "I am so sorry Lily. So sorry for unknowingly playing a part of your murder I even feel remorse for James's death. But most of all I'm sorry that your son had to grow up without a mother or a father, that he is forced to live with those awful muggles who treat him like trash. I'm exceptionally unsettled by how I have treated him, I know I'm playing the part I'm expected to but I I can't stand talking to him with forced hate while looking into his eyes . . . Your eyes, and think that he is not like his father as much as I would like to think." "I'm so sorry Lily I hope one day we'll meet again and I can tell you this face to face, I'm miss you lily and I regret so many things that I wish I could change so you could still be here." With that Snape turned around as he had previously been facing away from Harry, and his face was covered in tear tracks. At the sight of the normally stoic man with one final tear sliding down his face, something inside of Harry clicked. They weren't so different after all. So many things they had in common. Gathering his courage he silently, and swiftly took off the cloak. The potions masters head snapped to him immediately. But instead of flashing in anger like normal they flashed in pain. "Potter what are you doing out after curfew?" He snapped "do you enjoy sticking your nose were it doesn't belong. ?" Harry almost smirked at Snape's comments, which were actually kind of funny when they didn't have so much venom behind them. "Actually sir I came up here for the same reason you did to talk to my mom. I always do when I can't sleep, and I didn't mean to overhear you sir I always come up here, and I didn't know you would be here." Harry said. They stood in silence for a bit before Harry spoke again. "Did you mean it sir, do you really know that I'm not exactly like my father?" Snape didn't answer for a second seemingly gathering his thoughts "though I hate to admit it you are more like your mother than your father "you are much too nice and forgiving for your own good. Your loyalty is what drives you to do stupid Gryfindorish acts that intimately end in you almost death at least once a year. And Just like Lilly you have a fiery temper when provoked." Harry snorted a bit at the last comment before speaking "Actually those stupid Gryfindorish acts aren't mine to take credit for I have two friends that are Gryfindor to the core but I would prefer to think things through more and make sure we have like an escape plan and a plan of action instead of just rushing a into things." Snape raised an eyebrow at that "How very slytherin of you potter." "Why thank you, sir. The sorting hat did say that I would do well in slytherin." Harry smirked. And Snape looked shocked and amused " what an uproar that would have cause." "Yeah Harry potter the golden boy sorted into he snake pit. I wouldn't have had to wait for my second year to be called the next dark lord. . . You know sir, we aren't that different we both have to play the part that's expected of us I'm expected to be a headstrong Gryfindor with a hero complex, with a knack for almost getting himself killed.And you have to keep up appearance for your position as a spy. "if only the whole world understood that, but they all think I'm an evil, low life, Death eater. But I'm not a monster." " I know sir and one day they will too."

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