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Rose's Life

December 5, 2012
By Shybug88 BRONZE, Nephi, Utah
Shybug88 BRONZE, Nephi, Utah
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Once upon a time. There was a little girl named Rose. She had black hair and bright green eyes. Her skin was so peer, not one blemish was shone. She always had the prettiest clothes. They were always in season and most of them are sparkly just the way she liked it. She didn’t wear the little kid clothes like people thought she would because she is twelve. She wore teenager clothes, which made her look older like how she acted. Plus she is an only child!

Her personality was so lovely. She had many kinds of personality it just depended on the day. The one everyone say the most would be how funny and sweet she is to everyone she meet. You could never see her mad. She didn’t have anyone to fight with, so she was in a great, positive mood all the time. She would always tell people to look on the positive side because the negative side always brings you down.

One day she was out picking the apples like she does every morning before it gets too hot outside. Rose loves apples. She drinks apple juices every morning while she is picking apples for the elderly. She usually picks ten apples for five bags every week. After she finished picking fifty apples she would bring them through town and to the elderly couples in the little valley of Northridge.

While she was walking into the town away from her orchard she say a little boy. His name is Jacob. He was just a year older then her and she thought he was a doll. She walked over to him just to talk to him.
“Hey Jacob! How are you today?” Rose was super excited to see him, he has been sick for a while.
“ Oh hey Rose! I am doing tons better then I was. I hate being sick. How have you been? You look very pretty today like always.” Jacob said smiling.
“ Oh thank you! I have been doing well. I just out picking apples like every Monday morning for the elderly.”
“You are going to be so blessed for you kind heart to them. May I walk with you and help you carry those bags?”
“Yes please.” Said Rose so excited to spend some time with him.
Rose and Jacob went off walking to the first home to give the apples to them for the week. She knocked first them walked in and set the apples on the table with a note saying, “ Here’s your apples for the week. Please enjoy! –Rose Leigh Taylor. Then set off to the next house, which is a rest home. She put two bags on the table with a note that said the same thing as the last. Now they only had one more stop, which is another rest home. This rest home is the biggest of all the land. It had families and elderly. The families didn’t have enough money to build their own house or they had very sick members with disabilities.
She finished all the apple deliveries and told Jacob goodbye and went off walking back home for more work. She has yard work to do and helping her mother and father with the house they have. You could say her family is the richest in the land. They have the biggest house and the biggest yard. Most of the people in the town that work usually go in to the town twenty-five miles from here. So they are usually gone all day long. They will go on horseback or the small little village cars my dad bought the town to help out.
While she was walking home she heard a boy scream. She listened to where the screaming came from then started to run to help who ever it was. She knew that if she didn’t even try to help she would regret everything later. She heard the scream again it came from her apple orchard. She ran over and saw a little boy a couple houses a way from them stuck under the tree that fell down. She ran over to the tree and tried picking it up, but she could so she ran to get help.
She just barley got to the fence of the orchard and saw Jacob walking to her house. She yelled “Jacob come quick. A little boy is stuck under one of my apple trees that fell.” He ran over and they both went back to the little boy who was crying and yelling help. Jacob and Rose picked the tree off him and helped him back up. Jacob carried him to her house and Rose bandaged him up and helped him clean off and feel better. Her had a hurt ankle so she got him some crunches to walk.
They walked him to him house and gave him to his parents. They thanked both of them so much. Jacob said, “Don’t thank me. Thank Rose Leigh, She was the one who found him and helped him the most.” They thanked Rose a lot and she went on her way to help more people.
Rose Leigh was a great soul to help people even the ones she didn’t know!

The author's comments:
Because i like helping people so i choose to write a story about a girl helping everyone!

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on Mar. 13 2013 at 2:42 pm
MaKaila Kendall BRONZE, Levan, Utah
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You are a great writer, but you are also a weirdo. Jk you are one of my best friends.  

on Mar. 13 2013 at 2:40 pm
You are a great writer, but you are aslo a weirdo. Jk ur one of my best friends  

on Mar. 13 2013 at 2:37 pm
Cassidy Evans BRONZE, Levan, Utah
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Awesome writing skills:) Cassi

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