The Lion King II: Rewritten

August 6, 2012
The Lion King II: Rewritten
Part One

“You know the penalty from trespassing on the Pridelands,” Simba stated.

“Oh, yes,” replied Zira. “So if you need your pound of flesh -” she shoved the cub Kovu forward with her nose – “Here. Take it.” Zira knew Simba enough to anticipate that he wouldn’t take her son.

“Nala.” Nala looked surprised. Zira was confused, but she didn’t let is show.

“Simba?” Nala queried. Simba’s face was iron.

“Nala. Pick up the cub.”


“*Now*.” Zira was too distant from Kovu to snatch up her cub before Nala dashed forward and lifted Kovu by the scruff of his neck and raced back to the line of lionesses.

“No!” Zira yelped, lunging for her son. With a flick of his tail, Simba ordered his lionesses to retain Zira.

“Kovu! My son!” she screamed. The lionesses pinned her to the ground. “I will kill you!” Zira shrieked. “Simba, on Scar’s grave, I *will* kill you!”

Simba looked down at Zira, sympathy void in his eyes.

“You know the law,” he stated. “Escort her home,” he ordered his lionesses.

As she was being led away, Zira turned her head back to them.

“Goodbye, Kovu, my love. I will see you again soon. And Simba, dear, I am ever so proud of you.” The lionesses paused. Then, with contempt, she spat, “You become more like Scar every day.” Then she turned and continued walking toward the Outlands, Simba’s lionesses close by.

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