WWWP: NC, Chapter 3

April 8, 2012
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Chapter 3: Fred and Rickie (OC)

"YAAARRGGH! WHY THE BACK? GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!" Rickie bellowed, running around while reaching up the back of her shirt to get out the snow. Meanwhile, the twins hung back and sniggered quietly. George, the previous cuprit, jerked his head at Fred, who grinned and nodded. He then began to silently sneak up on Rickie, who had stopped to catch her breath and try to get out more snow. Rickie suddeny froze, her ears perking up at the silence (because that never happened when you were around the twins, unless they were carrying out a scheme), and Fred did likewise. Slowly, Rickie began to turn around, and Fred decided that it might as well be now or never.

"WHAZA!" he exclaimed, as he pounced. Rickie, however, wasn't having any of his nonsense, and sidestepped him. Fred made contact with a nearby snow drift, and Rickie felt the satisfaction of a prank well averted.

"Whaza? And you have the gall to make fun of me for AIIIEEWAGA? You really need to work on your battle cry as well, Fred." Rickie tutted, and George sniggered in the background (although he really shouldn't have, as his battle cry was a roar of demented laughter punctuated by exclamations of random food articles).

"Eugh. Why'd you have to do that? You made the plan go all wonky!" Fred whined, extracating himself from the snow drift and brushing off his coat and such. Rickie couldn't help what happened next; it was so obvious.

"Oh, look how smart you've grown! You actually guessed why I did it before I had to explain it all to you. AGAIN." Rickie said, spreading out her arms and smiling in an antagonistic way. Fred was not amused. Four hours later, after they had all tired of the chase, they went inside to their respective common rooms to freshen uo before the annual Christmas J.O.K.E. fest. What...you don't know what that is? Dear Merlin, who had been depriving you of all this twinny goodness? Fine. For all those poor, deprived and depraved children out there, J.O.K.E. (Jesting Or Kidding Extravaganza) was something that the twins and Rickie came up with during first year potions class with the Slytherins (may they burn in their selected slots in h*ll forever). It had only one rule; The last one sane wins. See, J.O.K.E. was a time to make your friends go nutters via the oddest, raunchiest and most annoying jokes out there. However, if you asked the twins, it was just a bit of innocent fun. My advice? Don't listen to theirs.

"Come on, George. HURRY IT UP ALREADY!" Fred called to the bathroom stall from his place by the door. George promptly flung the door open and crashed to the floor wearing nothing but a towel. Fred raised an eyebrow and looked at his twin a shade sarcastically. George then sprung up again and proceeded to get dressed. Right in front of him.

"Oi! Have some respect! I don't really need to see my mirror image naked, thanks very much! My sanity values your censorship!" Fred said, covering his eyes and shivering in disgust. George cackled while he finished dressing and then flung the door wide open. Fred took this as a cue to take his hands off his eyes and follow his twin. He was correct.

"You're going to lose the race, you bleeding idiot!" called George form the bottom of the stairs. Fred shrugged and hopped on the banister.

Meanwhile, Rickie was just finishing her shower. She had a little trouble with the blasted pipes freezing over (they did that occasionally), as they did that when not often used. Not that she didn't take them every day, or anything, but it was just a case of there not being around three other girls in the dorm as well. After she had gotten out and ready, she went down to the common room to find the twins waiting for her. This was odd. She didn't know that the twins had enough combined brain power to power a muggle light bulb, much less figure out the confusing entry riddle. Then Luna stepped out from behind them, and all was understood.

"'Lo! You joining us, Lu?" SHe asked, sending a careless smile in their direction as she slid down the banister. She nodded, and we proceeded to walk to the Gryffindor common room (where Lee was most likely waiting for us and shooing helpless first years away from the good seats by the fire. Lee was just caring like that). Halfway there, however, George asked Luna if she had seen the nargle infested mistletoe a few feet back, and she had asked for him to show her, so he had obliged. They still weren't back yet, so Fred and Rickie were now leaning against opposite walls out of boredom and throwing made-up obsenities back and forth for the fun of it.


"Ninny-nonny eater."

"Trunk walloping nargle blaster."




"Bomomo buggerer."

"For shame! You used the word buggerer; I win!" Rickie said, effectively ending the competition. Fred cursed all the Bomomos that had buggered his chances at winning the J.O.K.E. warm-up.

Meanwhile, Luna motioned for George to get on with the levitation already; she had money on this, after all. George rolled his eyes and agreed.

Rickie suddenly stopped chanting rude victory rhymes (doubtlessly stolen from Peeves) and looked up. Puzzled, Fred looked up as well. Now THIS was humiliating; being trapped by your own invention. Rickie shrugged and went for it; she was just that anti-climatic.

Fred's P.O.V.

Wow. Didn't see that one coming. But then again, I didn't see that bludger that one time either... Mmm...quidditch thoughts can wait until tomorrow; I'm busy! Mwahahaha...

Rickie's P.O.V.

Heh. Maybe Mrs. Weasley was right. Mmm...yes, I do rather think that I like Fred after all.

No one's P.O.V.

Luna sighed dreamily as George took out the camera.


George looked down at the camera in horror. D*mnable flash. Luna, who finally seemed to have been woken out of her trance, looked down and her already-large eyes got bigger. Dinner plates was not the word.

"GEORGE!" came the unified battle cry (not WHAZA or AIIEEWAGA this time) of Fred and Rickie. George shrugged semi-apologetically and he didn't have to drag Luna after him as he ran for his life. Luna, he thought vaguely, could really try out for a muggle track team.

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