Sondeo Chapter 2

June 7, 2010
Man, who knew the jungle could get THAT dark, Axel thought. And it was. The only light was coming from the elevator and the battle machines. The jungle was dark and very quite. “I don’t like this place.” Axel said with pride, almost to hide his fear. The elevator came to the stop. “Alright, pilots lets move out.” called out the leader of the squad. The convoy of battle machines began trudging through the forest. They knocked down tree, after tree. “Ok, we have to spread out. We will cover more ground that way. Report in if you see or hear ANYTHING. Uuhh, you two! Go to the two abandoned outposts and wait for orders” said the captain. So they did. Axel trudged on. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Hearing the sound of his friend’s made him feel safe. He stopped at his post. He shut down the machine but kept the lights on.

Drip….drop…..drip….. Sun had been in the cave for almost eight hours. Though to her it felt like days. She was in a corner gnawing on a scorched candy bar she had found in her back pocket. “What do I do now?” Drip…..drop…..drip….. Every now and then she heard roars echoing from deeper in the cave. She wondered what became of the beast and the robots that chased it down the passageways. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! She heard. Had she gone mad, or was it real. Again, THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! “Wha-who’s there?” Sun had been trapped into a small space, for she could not see anything after the cave-in. “I gotta get out of here. I gotta.” she said. She got up and undressed herself, ready for a long shower from the water dripping above.

SHOOO! ZRRRK! ZZRRRK! ZRRK! On the Tenchi Bridge Takeshi was fighting his hardest. The spotlights were now on. Sonic Phantoms, Shadow Crawlers, Bridge Walkers, Sentries, everywhere. He spun around the SuperNova and smashed to Bridge Walkers heads together. KA-BOOOOOOOM BOOOOOOM! The explosion was tremendous. It rocked the whole bridge. “WHOA! Takeshi, what did you do?” Hikaru asked over radio. He was up in the air avoiding missiles. “I don’t know. But, I think we gotta cut off these lights, we have never fought this late before, and the robots wont stop coming!” Takeshi said. “Agreed!” Hikaru said. He shot a blast at a power box next to the bridge. Almost immediately, all the lights on the bridge went off. It was almost pitch black. All you could see was headlights and blasterfire. “Maybe this was a bad idea.”

VROOOM! The scouts and traps were becoming more frequent. I need to get to higher ground. I will be seen. Vic thought. As he progressed through the jungle, he wondered what his friends were doing. Maybe they realized he was gone. Maybe they had no idea. All he knew was that he was finding Habato. “WOOOW!” He was half-asleep when he stopped right on the edge of a trip-wire. He looked to the side. A large panel of rusted spikes were attached to a tree trunk. “That was almost too close.” Now wide-awake, Vic kept walking through the jungle. He stopped and opened his canteen. Almost out of water. Shortly after, he saw a light. “Oh, boy another scout.” He swiftly climbed up a tree and awaited the scout to pass. But it didn’t. In fact when he reached the treetop, he realized where the light was coming from. “A ROBOT COMPOUND!” Vic said.

Axel was half-asleep when the light came. “What the?” It got brighter, and closer. “Is that a- ROBOTS!” he yelled. Through the mist of the jungle, a scout vehicle was jetting over to Axel, and was loading up its guns. “Oh ya buddy? Not on my watch!” ZRRRRK! He missed by a yard. “Dang it.” ZRRRK! ZRRRK! ZRRRRK! ZRRRK! The vehicle shot automatic rounds of energy at Axel. “OOW! HEY THAT AINT FAIR!” The vehicle vroomed by Axel, and continued to shoot. Axel missed everytime he shot back. ”grrr! MAN!” The vehicle started to vroom by again, then: CRUNCH! Axel stepped on it like nothing. “Ya, that’s how we do it in my town!” he said. He got out of his vehicle. “Reinforcements.” a crushed robot said under the machines foot. “WHAT!” Axel yelled. He pulled out his blaster and wasted at least twenty rounds shooting the robot in the head. He pulled out his radio and said. “We got company.”

“What the?” Vic woke up in the tree he was on. It was early morning, the sun just beginning to rise. Vic looked down, what had woke him was the sound of robots and battle machines marching out of the base. “So I wasn’t dreaming.” Vic realized that there really was a robot compound. There was all kinds of new machines. One was like a Sonic Phantom cut in half and spray-painted over. Vic watched the small army progress. A robot was walking and then stumbled on a tripwire. SHING! A bed of nails swung in from the left and right. You couldn’t even tell it was a robot it was so destroyed. “Ha..ha…ha-ha. HA HA HAHAHAHAHAAA!” Vic started laughing his head off uncontrollably. That was just plain funny for him. “What…up there! GET THE HUMAN!” “Ha ha…ha…oh no.” Vic said as fifty blaster barrels all pointed at him.

“Well are you ready for this?” Ryo asked a not-so-new recruit. “I don’t know. I have never been in a battle this big. And it hasn’t even started.” the recruit said. “Well, the battle was going on up there. So it had to come down here eventually.” a fellow pilot said to both of them. “Right.” Ryo said. He turned to face the jungle. Trees, bushes, traps. “Hold up there little buddy.” Ryo started to move but Axel stopped him. “We ain’t seen a battle down here. You don’t know if they use some kind of technique different than on the bridge, if they got sink hole traps, or what. We wait for them.” Axel said. Ryo then realized that. So he started to walk again. “HEY! What did I just get through telling you.” Axel said. “We need somebody to go ahead and spy. I will go. I could watch their movements, they could walk around traps that we don’t know about.” Ryo said. “Very well.” But stay in the treetops. It is too dangerous down below.” said the captain.

Hikaru opened the cockpit, and jumped out. He took the elevator up to Sensei’s. “Sir, Hikaru, here to report.” “Very well.” Sensei said. He looked away from the window and towards Hikaru. “Wha-what happened to you?” Hikaru had a large wrapping around his stomach. “Just a minor injury, sir. Now the report-“ “Hikaru. how did this happen.” Sensei asked. “Sir, a robot jumped into my cockpit, and shot me in the stomach. Now if you would let me finish my report.” Hikaru said a little agitated. “Ok. Finish.” Sensei said. “Well sir, the squad sent into the jungle has tipped off robot defenses. Right about now they should engage. We also have most of out pilots either injured or out sick.” ‘Unacceptable.” Sensei spat out. “Sir, this battle was been going on for three days.” Hikaru said. “Whatever Meca One is up to.” “Meca One is producing robots faster. We need to put a stop to that.” Sensei said. “What would you have us do, sir?”

“I need to get out of here.” Sun was walking through the cave passageways. She had managed to loosen the shrapnel in her foot but it still clung to the connective tissue inside her foot. “If I don’t get this thing out of my foot, my skin will start to bind with it.” she said. “WHOA!” She slipped on the edge of something and fell backward. She put her hand out. Nothing. Then she put her feet over the edge. Nothing. She picked up a rock and threw it over the edge. One…..two……three…..four…..five……six….seven….eight…nine…..ten….eleven
…..twelve……thirteen…..fourteen….fif KLUNK! The rock finally hit the bottom. Sun realized that she had almost fallen to her death in the dark, and lonely cave. So she turned around and went the other way. “Well, I guess I’m not going that way.”

“Get in there.” A robot pushed Vic into a containment cell. The entrance was sealed off with a force field. “Dang it.” Vic said. He still had his radio, but he knew the robots would intercept it long before it reached Exo-Force. Let alone, making sure the robots guarding the door hadn’t seen him use the radio. So he just sat on a chair at his cell. He looked around. No vent, no garbage chute, nothing. Just rock. He realized it was hopeless. Unless. He went around the whole cell tapping on the rock. Nope solid, at least three yards thick. Now he realized it was truly hopeless. At least until the alarm sounded and all the robots left the room. “Try anything and you die human.” one of the guards said and the left the room. That’s when Vic pulled out his radio.

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