Frog Stories

December 5, 2008
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“There once was a frog that spoke very loudly...”
“Wait, spoke?”
“Yes, spoke.”
“I thought frogs only croaked or ribbetted or whatever.”
“Well, this frog speaks.”
“That’s stupid.”
“You’re the one that said you wanted to hear a story.”
“Okay, fine! Keep telling the stupid frog story.”
“If you think it’s stupid, I won’t tell it.”
“Fine, it’s not stupid. Now will you tell it?”
“Yes . . . ahem . . . There once was a frog that spoke very loudly—“
“You already said that.”
“I know. I was starting over since you interrupted me.”
“So, are you going to start it over again since I interrupted you again?”
“Fine, I won’t interrupt anymore.”
“Good. There once was a frog that spoke very loudly . . . umm . . . I can’t seem to remember the rest of the story.”
“Well, that’s just great. Do you know any other stories?”

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