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Falling Free

November 2, 2007
By Heather Rieder, Campbellsport, WI

My life just got so hard and I couldn’t handle it. I just left work and remembered The Hoan Bridge, the bridge where everyone jumps. I quickly headed towards the bridge thinking that this was it. I was living the last moments of my life. Finally, I got to the bridge about ten minutes later and parked my car on the highest point of the Hoan Bridge. I took a deep breath, got out of my car and walked over to the railing where I threw my legs over the side.

I looked down, took a deep breath and said out loud “Please don’t hate me.” Another deep breath and I jumped. My heart flew to my throat as I saw the world around me fly and turn into a big blur. The very last this I heard was a splash from when my body hit the water after what seemed to be forever. Thank god I was finally done, no more life stresses. I was soon to be dead.

I wake up and all I see is--- wait what the f***? Why am I awake I just jumped to my death. I hear a faint beeping sound to my left and look over… a heart monitor. Damn it I was suppose to be dead. Looking around the room a little bit more I see a doctor at the end of my bed and my husband sitting in a chair by the window. I make a bit of noise and everyone looks at me.

“Mrs. Lee can you answer some questions for me?” The doctor asks.

“Yea, I guess.” I say while my voice cracks.

“Why did you jump?”

I told him why I jumped and the doctor asked my husband to go out in the hall with him. Ten minutes later they both returned and sat down and started talking to me. I don’t know what they were talking to me about but all I know was that I was getting out of this place. I was going to be free to do it again.

That night I told my husband that I was going to the grocery store. He tried to tell me that I shouldn’t because I just got out of the hospital. Like he could ever stop me. I got the keys to my car and headed back to the Hoan Bridge. Same location, different day, same time, same reasons, and different clothes; tonight it will all be over.

Once again I get out of my car and head over to the railing once next to the spot I jumped from yesterday I threw my legs over the side, took a deep breath and said good bye to life. I let go of the railing and just let myself fall. Finally, life was over; finally, I will not be stressed out.

My life flashes before my eyes this time and I hit the water. I saw how I was saved the last time. There was a guy fishing and he was watching me. Once he saw my body hit the water he started up his boat and quickly pulled me out of the water.

No more life, no more anger, and no more mistakes, life as I know it was gone. I was dead, I was finally happy.

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