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Downtown Meatball

November 5, 2007
By Sarah Molloy, Mattapoisett, MA

Women stared with envy as i quickly jogged across the street while hugging my coat against myself. My eyes romed the poor beat up houses and almost naked children. A man leaned against a broken ivery colored fence as i walked by. All he did was stare. It was one of those intense stares when you want to feel awkward but you just dont. Of all places why downtown? Is he trying to scare me? I thought as I walked cautiously into the Italian restaraunt that he picked out for us. I saw him and walked over. "Hey baby." he said as I bent down to kiss him. "Did you get here ok?" Do I look ok? "Why of all places did you pick this location Damien?" The curiousity was bighting at my mind. "So I could be the cutest boy you see. A man needs pride!" If he has pride then why does he let all these sexy men scare him into a junk yard like this? "I do trust you Audrina. Dont get me wrong. I just dont trust them." "It is not that. Its just the fact that yout pulling me into dangerous parts of the city like this just to keep your pride and that says something. Is that what you want more? Pride is much more important then your own girlfriend?" He sighed as he grabbed my hand."No babe thats not it. Im sorry. I just figured you would be ok with this." As these words came out of his mouth i dug into my meatball harder. "That is the problem Damien! You always figure everything out for me! It is always i figured this or I figured that. It is like you dont even know me." I paused as i carefully thought of my next words carefully. "Do you even know me?"

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