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May 31, 2011
By epowers7 GOLD, Vancouver, Washington
epowers7 GOLD, Vancouver, Washington
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Once upon a time, there was a sun. Floating up in the sky all day, the sun would get very bored. Every night, God would tell him to go in his room until he was supposed to rise.

“The light must hide for part of the day so that people on earth can get some sleep.” God says to the sun.

Willingly, he would go to his room until told to come out. But one night, he was feeling more rebellious than normal. He decided that he didn't want to be stuck in there forever. He decided to sneak out. On his way, he grabbed a blanket to cover him so he wouldn't be seen. When he went outside, he realized that they could still see his light shining through tiny holes in the blanket. He kept on going, not thinking about it. He hadn't realized that he had just created the stars.

As he started on his search for adventure, he found a large cloud that wanted to block his brilliant light from the people on earth. He had to run faster than the cloud so he could shine his stars down on the planet. Continuing to go, he found a brilliantly bright shining star standing alone.

“Why are you alone, dear friend?” The sun asked the lonesome star.

“I don’t have anywhere to go. All I can do is stay here and be alone. My name is moon.” Explained the star.

“Your beautiful light should be shared with the universe! I’m going to show you to God and see what he thinks.”

He started on his way back home, accompanied by the moon. When he arrived home, he rushed to see God and show him the beautiful moon he had found.

“Look at what I have discovered!” He shared with God.

“This is a beautiful finding, Sun. I would like her to shine during the night while you’re away in your room. Then, when you come out during the daytime to give the world light, she may hide away and get rest.”

This is how the sun and the moon came to be.

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