Come Through

March 26, 2018
By Volleyball04 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
Volleyball04 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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Cold doesn't seem to be enough of a word to describe the water that day. The temperature was so frigid that it was the type of cold that made the digits on your hands and feet throb with a dull pain that intensified with every heartbeat. The small coat that was placed over my dress was my only clothing, but it was useless at keeping the cold out.  My skin already felt frozen and my fingers were turning purple. My plane had crashed and I was the only survivor, or so I thought. The only hope I had was the piece of plane keeping me from sinking to the bottom of the ocean floor.
I never thought I would end up in a plane crash or stranded in the ocean alone. My mind was all over the place, the only thing I could think of was to find help. I screamed until I passed out from exhaustion and when I woke up I thought I was saved but as it turns out I was far from saved.

I was awake but frozen like ice. Then all of the sudden I saw something… land! I jumped off the part of plane I was floating on and started swimming. And finally I reached land. It wasn't until I got there that I realized it was an island. It wasn't the beautiful island you have in your mind, but a rocky and dry island. Automatically the first thing that came to mind was I need help, and to start screaming but I was smarter than that I had to be if I wanted to get off the island.

The first thing I could think of is that I needed  water. So I started to explore the island. How Would I get water? Then it came to me I could make a fire and boil the salt water to get rid of the salt. So went and found sticks  set them up like a fire but there was nothing to start it. Then I thought of something. Witch at the time I thought it was the dumbest idea and would never work. But I started to rub two sticks together and after a while it started to smoke and started to make a fire. Then I ran into an even bigger problem. I had nothing to hold the water. I tried to use my shirt but it just soaked through and The shoes i was wearing would not hold water. Eventually I gave up, I would die with no water. Which meant there was only one thing left to do… I had to get off the island.
Then I got an idea I could build a raft. I started running I actually knew what to do. I ran and got sticks and some dead vines and tied them together. I thought that was the day I would get off the island. I finished the raft and started to push it off the island and i actually floated for a hole two seconds before it started to sink. I started to swim back to shore I needed to find something that would help me float. So I started to search the island. Then I saw it a lifeboat! It was battered and almost broken but it would work. I climbed in the boat but there was someone sleeping in it. It was a girl who locked about the opposite of me she had brown hair and brown eyes and was tall and tan, and I had blonde hair green eyes and was short and pale. I pushed the boat off the land I didn't care what she wanted to do, and she was sleeping so I made the executive decision to leave the island. I couldn't believe it I was actually going to get of the island.  I started to search the boat for supplies, food, and water. I couldn't believe my luck there was food and water!  I ate and drank like I hadn't eaten or drank in two months. Then I heard a noise and turned around to see the girl standing up giving me the death stare. Like I was blowing out the candles on her birthday cake or stealing her favorite toy.

“ What do you think your doing!” she said.
“I'm getting off that island, what's your name and how did you end up here.” I said.
“ Fia, and yours.”
“ Well Ellie, it's quite simple I was on a boat and it sunk, see simple.”
“well let's just get back to land with people ok,” I said.

We decided to start to portion the food for the days to come. We decide that one person will paddle the boat and one person will sleep and we will alternate. Of course I had to take the first shift. I paddle all through the day and just as the sun is setting the water starts to pick up and it starts to sprinkle. I thought it was nothing it would pass over but then it started to down pore and the waves started crashing into the boat and filling it with water. I had to wake up Fia. she would know what to do. I had no idea. I had never been on a boat before or even been near the ocean at the time I had lived in michigan and the only reason I was leaving was to go see my sick grandfather who was in the hospital.


Once I stopped freaking out, I started thinking I should wake her. Right at that moment a huge wave hit the boat and covered the bottom in three inches of water and Fia shot up and looked frantically  around then saw me.
“I don't mean to alarm you but if we don't find something to empty the water out of this boat it's going to sink,” she said.
We started to rummage through the boat to look for something to help get some water out of the boat but couldn't find anything, but Fia wouldn't stop.
“Fia stop, you need to stop. There is nothing here to help.”
Right as she stopped a huge wave knocked the boat over and before I knew it I was in the cold ocean all alone.The dark is all around me I’’m not afraid of the dark not the kind in your bedroom at night not the kind that lurks in shadows but I am afraid of the dark of the ocean. Where was Fia? How do we tip the boat back over?  Those questions ran in my head about twice before I realised I wasn't swimming but sinking to the bottom and I was running out of air.  So I kicked with my last breath and with some sort of miracle I touched the surface. Fia was nowhere in sight. I started to panic I needed her I took a big breath and went underwater to look. I was almost out of breath when a saw something out of the corner of my eye. Fia. She was sinking? I had to go up for breath it was quick like a smile from one person to another. It had to be because as soon as I came up I went back under. Then I saw her she was sinking. Did she know how to swim? I started swimming towards her but the current kept pushing me away. Finally I got to her and she opened her eyes I swam to the top with her and started to look for the lifeboat. I saw it and started swimming when i got there i went under the flipped over boat and told fia to hold on to the edge and try to help me flip the boat as much as possible.  She started to pull down the edge she was holding onto so I started to push the other side up and it actually flipped over but It was a very small boat. We both hopped back in the boat and layed down as flat as we could trying not to get knocked over by a wave.   All of the supplies we had from the boat we gone. We were as good as dead. With no supplies or any hope We decided there was nothing left to do and went to sleep.

I shot up, I had momentarily forgotten I was in the middle of the stupid ocean. Fia was still sleeping. Then I heard the strangest noise like, like a boat horn! I slowly turned round not believing What I had heard and coming up behind us was a boat! I screamed “ Fia wake up!” and she stood up wide eyed and breathless. We were going to live! We started jumping and waving our arms. People started to appear of the boat and resources came down in a small boat and started coming towards us. Fia and I jumped off the boat and started swimming towards them. When we got to the small boat the signaled the people on the big boat and started to head back. One we got back to the boat right away they had doctors come and look at us and people we watching us like we were fish in a fish tank. The doctors said that Fia and I had to be taken straight to the hospital for immediate care. They announced to the boat passengers that we would reach the destination in one hour. The doctors then told us there would be abulences there waiting for us. After an hour as promise we reached our destination and were greeted by the ambulances. We got in and got to the hospital and after they checked us out we were free to go all we had to do was sign the discharge paper. After we signed the papers Fia and I said our goodbyes and took a picture We both went home to our families. Now Fia and I are roommates for college at grand valley and life couldn't be better.

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