January 30, 2018
By APanduro BRONZE, Long Beach, California
APanduro BRONZE, Long Beach, California
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A boy riding shotgun in a 1967 Chevy impala still full of adrenaline and Anxiousness. named Anthony with his uncle Dean putting gas and they have both just gotten back from a hunt. Not an ordinary hunt-A monster hunt. you see Anthony and his uncle dean travel all around the United States to track down and kill monsters to protect people. They fall in the category “hunters” this is what they go by. Anthony is 16 years old and is an intelligent natural born leader full of kindness. And Dean well he does everything to keep him safe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Anthony’s dad died by a werewolf  10 years ago and his mom is a hunter as well but got lost a while back from a hunt .He also  has a condition called anxietatem which makes him gets anxious and nervous at times. But besides that, he’s a damn good hunter. Dean would tease that he was as great as his Grandfather Samuel. Who was considered One of the best hunters who ever lived. Still at the gas station getting ready to leave Anthony was reminded of his mom by the necklace she had left him a broken heart with the other side missing. Anthony just figured it broke during a hunt or something.

Hearing the roaring engine of the car Anthony started to get overwhelmed on thinking about finding his mom.  Dean looked over to his right and noticed Anthony was startled by something “What’s wrong?” Dean asked. Anthony took a deep breath and said, “I need to know what happened to my mom”. Dean replied, “You know what happened.” Well why don’t we try to find her? Anthony said. “Drop it” Dean said with an intimidating tone” Let’s go home then we’ll talk about this after dinner” “Alrighty then” Anthony replied. They make it to the apartment they rented out and are about to eat then dean gets a message on his phone. Who is it? Anthony asked while getting his food out of the bag “coordinates” Dean said dumbfounded.                                                                                                                                    
You think it was from mom?" Anthony said, "I don’t know " Dean immediately pulled up his laptop and searched the coordinates up. "Kansas? “Anthony said, Dean had heard about a case coming from there by a local hunter. "pack up your things we're leaving in 10 minutes " Dean had said, without hesitation Anthony packed. it was a five to six-hour drive, so they would have barely made it at dawn. They arrived and drove up to the nearest gas station.  
Dean asked the employee while getting some snacks for Anthony "Seen anything suspicious lately?" the employee thought for a second and said, "I heard there's been a large bear like animal sighting near blackwater park "Dean Replied "thanks" and headed back to the car.  "Where to?" Anthony asked "blackwater park apparently there's been a large bear like sighting nearby" Dean said. Heading to Blackwater park Dean said, "you know this where your mom and dad met “really?” “yeah as much as I didn't like your dad I’m glad you were born, you know your mom would’ve been proud of you".
Anthony was holding in a tear but bit his tongue and replied, "thanks that really means a lot."  Couple minutes later "we're here" they both walked to the trunk where they keep their weapons "werewolf right? You think it’s the same werewolf that killed my dad" Anthony-said, “Maybe-get a revolver its already loaded with silver bullets". They headed out to the deep midst of the woods to see if they could track down that werewolf. A few hours later they come across a shack “Let’s check it out” they start searching the place out and find nothing but evidence that someone or something has been living there. Dean whispers ‘I think I seen something move outside stay here I’m going to check it out” Anthony nods his head. “dean? What’s taking so long” patiently waiting Anthony’s anxietatem kicks in. without thinking he comes bursting outside with his revolver and sees Dean unconscious on the floor. He then tries to assist dean when here’s branches breaking behind to slow to reach for his gun he gets slammed into the ground and sees an 8-ft. werewolf hovering over him. Then something weird happens he doesn’t attack but glances at Anthony’s necklace that belongs to his mom. Without hesitation he reaches for the gun and shoots the werewolf dead.
Anthony got up quickly to help Dean but sees something familiar in the werewolf’s hand a he takes off his mom’s necklace and places it next to the werewolf’s hand. In the palm of the werewolf’s hand is the other half of the Anthony’s moms necklace piecing it together he had just killed his father. Feeling every emotion possible at the exact same time he knew it had to be done either way. Dean awakens and realizing what just took place he comforts Anthony as they watch the sun rise. Then Dean gives Anthony’s dad a proper burial and then they get in to the car and as dean turns on the roaring engine Deans phone rings he picks it up and passes it over to Anthony and tells him to answer it for him. Anthony answers the phone and hears his mom and she says, “I think it’s time we talked” …

The author's comments:

Supernatural the show inspired me to write this story,Hope you enjoyed.

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