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The Untold Story of Hansel and Gretel

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Most everyone in this world thinks that the witch from Hansel and Gretel died, but she didn't. That witch is me. Yes, I've got burns on me from that oven, but I've had eight years to heal and I'm back to find Hansel and Gretel. What they did to me was horrible, cruel, and vicious. They were trespassing, eating my food from my house on my lawn, so I got mad, pulled them in, got them fat, and decided to eat them. It’s not wrong, I was just hungry. I skipped breakfast that morning, what did they expect? I gave them a lot of food to get them fat, but I mean, I gave them a lot of food, so they should have thanked me instead of pushing me in an oven and running away. I have had eight years to sit in my candy house and think of ways to get back at them. I have finally gotten it, the perfect plan.

“Bye Dad!” Hansel and Gretel would say to their parents, “We’re going out for a walk.”  They would walk to the park that they walk to every Sunday at 4 o’clock. I have been stalking them with hate in my eyes ever since they burned me. I would just happen to be strolling by the nearest park to their house, in a costume. I would disguise myself as a younger woman, about thirty, be walking my dog, well the dog that I had stolen from the shelter. The dog would be so cute, the cutest that they have ever seen. I would ask them if they wanted to pet my dog and, of courses, they would say yes. Oh those foolish children, how did I ever let them beat me before? As they are bending down to pet the dog, I would stick a GPS on their backs to track their so I can capture them. This wouldn't be a big bulky GPS, but I have spent five of these eight years designing little chips that I could stick onto them without them noticing. This would connect to my phone and now I could track them whenever. I had just finished this, and it had gone right on plan when I got an alert on my phone that they had started walking to them park. My final plan to capture them was a go.

I  was looking at my phone looking at the GPS app to see exactly where they were. I hopped into my car and drove the area where they were, almost forgetting to disguise myself as the nice woman once again. I drove by them, slowly, and opened my window. “Oh hey kids, remember me? I’m the lady with that cute dog! Want to pet her again?”, I said. They both looked hesitant to come to the side of my car, but they still came. I hopped out of my car to open the trunk for them. I opened it up and my dog was sitting there.

They both leaned over to pet my dog when the both froze. They felt what they had felt eight years ago. I was standing behind them once again ready to push them into something. I could feel the moment that they knew it was me, the Witch, but with a disguise on. I was ready this time for them to run away for them to push me in the trunk, but I wouldn't let this happen. I had a brief flashback to when I was about to push them in the oven. I had my hands on their backs like this, and I could smell the fear from them, both times. The only thing that was different now was that they were 14-year-olds but still has tasty as ever.  I pushed them both in, safely locked the trunk, and went on my way back to the gingerbread house.

I tied them both up and dragged them inside, this time I would never let them get away. I had to get back at them for burning me. I tied them up in the same cellars as I did when they were kids, and put the most delicious candies and foods around them to get them fat and juicy. “I’m not eating that. I won’t get fat for you just to eat us,” Gretel said. I told them that they had to eat sometime and laughed my way back to the kitchen.

I was more prepared than I was last time, so I had listening devices hidden in their cellars. They were talking about how they were going to run away when I was asleep, but there is no possible way to get out of those cellars, and I was positive.

Three weeks later, I saw that they were so fat, and it was time to eat them. I was going to put them in the oven just like I had tried to eight years ago. I was so excited to finally get my revenge on them. My plan worked and I think you can guess what happened next… And they all lived happily ever after, well except for Hansel and Gretel.

The End

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