Tommy's Canadian Escape

November 4, 2016
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Tommy Richardson was born in 2008 in Salt Lake City Utah. Tommy was 22 years old and still living at home with his parents in Salt Lake City Utah. It was the year 2030 and Tommy was sitting on the couch and the phone rang Tommy picked up the phone and he heard

“Hello Tommy Richardson, this is Commander Hamilton from The United States Marine Corps, you have been selected to defend the the United States and Canadian Border for 3 months in Northern Minnesota.” said The Commander
“Hello Commander, when should I fly up to Minnesota?” said Tommy
“As soon as you possibly can Tommy” said the Commander”
“Thank you Commander Hamilton, I will be there as fast I can” said Tommy
Tommy hung up the phone and thought to himself wow I never thought I would serve in the Military. Tommy took the next flight from Salt Lake City to Minnesota. Tommy arrived in Minnesota and was taken by a car to the military base in Northern Minnesota. Tommy met Travis, Edward, and Brendan his three Squadmates to defend this section of the United States and Canadian Border. The United States was in war with Canada because Canada was mad that The United States always won the Olympics. Tommy Richardson was on patrol with three of his squadmates on the U.S. Canadian Border. Tommy, Travis, Edward, and Brendan were on the night shift defending the United States and Canadian Border. was so cold he started to get goosebumps and he couldn’t feel his fingers. Tommy said “Hey guys I’m going to go grab my coat  real quick I’ll be right back”.
“Alright sounds good Tommy,” said Travis. Tommy walks inside, finds his jacket, puts it on and then walks back outside. Suddenly, Tommy walks outside and his friends are gone. “Hello?” said Tommy. Tommy couldn’t find his friends so he walks around and then Tommy gets hit and falls asleep. Tommy wakes up the next morning in a random room. Tommy has no idea what is going on. He is wondering where he is, how he had gotten here, and where his friends were. So Tommy looked around, looked out at what was on the walls looked at the walls and that is when Tommy realized he was in Canada. Tommy was chewing his fingernails and  shaking because he knew the Canadian soldiers would interrogate him for answers. So Tommy started looking for ways out. He tried opening the door and it was locked, so Tommy checked drawers, under tables, under the bed and he could not find anything. Tommy heard Canadian voices get louder and louder and he realized that they were coming to interrogate him. So tommy took pillows and a blanket and threw it on the bed to make it look like he was sleeping. Tommy hides in the opposite corner of the bed and then the door opens and the guard comes in and leaves the door open and says “wake up buddy nap time is over” the guard takes the blanket off the bed and Tommy is  gone. When the guard left the door open Tommy snuck out of the room and the guard had no idea. Tommy knew he would not blend in with the other guards so he needed to find an escape route fast Tommy heard more voices around him so he walked into the closes room he could find he goes in shuts the door and turns the light on. When Tommy turns the light on and he is in a bathroom, Tommy thinks to himself “great how is this going to help”. But then Tommy finds an air vent he needs a way to open it, he searches the room and sees that someone was trying to fix the sink and finds a screwdriver. Tommy uses the screwdriver to open up the vent and then close it when he got inside. Tommy is crawling around in the vents and is trying to find a room with cameras so he can see where he could find a car. Tommy hops down from the vent into a room and sees a drone control room. Tommy controls one of the drones and looks for an exit, Tommy finds a parking lot with cars and he knew he could escape in one of those. Tommy just needed to find keys to the cars Tommy was going to take keys off a guard. Tommy waited and someone walked through the door and it was General Jamison the leader of the Canadian army.
“Hello Tommy, my staff has been looking for you and I finally found you.” “You shall now tell me where your U.S. bases are located. Jamison tied Tommy arms around a chair and started to interrogate him. Jamison kept threatening Tommy but while Jamison was talking Tommy was cutting the rope with his screwdriver. Tommy waited for Jamison to turned around and he got up and stabbed Jamison with the screwdriver. After that Tommy took the General’s uniform and his keys and snuck out to the cars and drove off back to America.

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