Dark Snow

August 25, 2013
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Dark Snow

Darkness, it exists in everything. Its power is unstoppable, ever present. It will always be, its cold embrace will tempt souls forever. It exists everywhere, eternally, in space. But darkness cannot exist without light, for if everything was dark, nothing would be.

Deep within space, a distance inconceivable for the human mind to grasp, a dark figure waits. His crimson eyes create the only light, bathing the area in a cruel red glow. He sits upon an enormous battleship.

The figure sat upon one of the main frontal cannons, at the very tip of the ship. His black pelt shifted and moved in space, seemingly oblivious to the intense vacuum of space. His shape was that of a wolf, but longer and very streamline. He was watching earth, his eyes more powerful than any telescope possibly creatable. He saw everything; nothing escaped his endless vision, his endless being.

He was Dark Snow, the god of chaos and darkness, of hatred and sorrow. As he peered into the endless abyss of space that was his element, he felt hate. His vastness was unchallenged, his majesty unparalleled, throughout all of existence, with the Exception of earth. Earth rebelled against him in every dimension of being. Humans doubted his existence
on the material plane, and gods of weaker, lesser elements challenged him on the spiritual plane.

Dark Snow hated earth, it was the imperfection on his painting, the zit on his face. It had to die. But Dark Snow could not destroy earth, without recognition on the material plane,he could not appear. He had to have a believer, someone who believed in his existence, that knew of his perfection. This is why Dark Snow was on his way to earth, that person now existed, the one who would, unknowingly, allow Dark Snow into the material plane.

Dark Snow turned and howled an earsplitting sound so powerful that even the vacuum of space could not suppress its boom. That was the signal, the signal that the time was right to assemble his fleet. Dark Snow would destroy earth even if he had to bend the very fabric of time and space to do it. Millions of identical ships uncloaked behind Dark Snow, they were all heading at light speed towards earth.

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