The Creature Hunters

March 12, 2013
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It was in the middle of winter, and we were traveling in the deep forests. That was where a mysterious creature lived at the grand lake ahead. We both walked down the path to the entrance of that grand lake. We stopped once we heard a sound. I knew it was a creature. I was hypnotized by it. Then, it appeared.
“What do you want?” that creature spoke as if it didn’t want to interrupt the quietness around us.

My teammate, Meimi, looked over my shoulder with wide eyes.
“There it is Nina…” she whispered.
Ok, before we go on with the adventure, let me start by saying my name is Nina. I am a creature hunter, known as #1… Okay, well maybe not the best. We creature hunters aren’t exactly what you think we are. We go into secret parts of the world to find mysterious creatures that lurk in fairy tales and folktales. We have tools, missions, and skills. Most of them help us with catching those creatures. Once we find them, we take down data about them to make more fairy tale or mythical adventures for you mortals. If you’re asking, “Do you kill them after?”, then the answer is a definite no. Even if we are called “hunters”, we’re not killers! We hunt down data, such as their appearance, life style, and their habitats. Since my job isn’t a solo job, I ended up having to team up with a girl named Meimi. She’s a newbie; I haven’t been making any progress with getting creature’s data because of her. We have been on an adventure for about 3 years, and yet, I have only analyzed 2 creatures. Well, since you know enough about me and what I’ve been doing for the last few years, let’s back to what was just going on before you start to get even more confused.
As we both backed up from the creature, it was stared at us intently. I was getting worried of failing another monster once again.
“What’s with the worried face, Nina? It’s just another regular creature.” Meimi whispered.
“Just be quiet Meimi and let me think, plus you don’t know what these creatures are up to. These are the sea sprites. They can turn us mortals into “water humans” if we listen to their hypnotic voice, and they are the last kind of sprite for the season because it’s already winter, so make sure you’re careful. Don’t fail me, Meimi.” I informed.
“Don’t you mean “mermaids” instead of “water humans” Nina?” Meimi asked.
“Yes Meimi, mermaids. Thanks for dumbing it down.” I replied sarcastically.
So as I was saying, the main point is to not listen to the sprite’s voice. Even if it can be mesmerizing sometimes, they can be as scary as going into a haunted house with no protection of some sort.
“Meimi do you have the head-thingy?” I asked.
“A head-thingy?” Meimi replied, “Oh, you mean the sleeping tranquilizer dart that we are going to shoot that sprite with?”
“SHHHH!” I hushed her. “Will you watch that mouth?! I’m talking about the head thingy to cover your ears! Jeeze, don’t you know that the sprite can hear us?!”
You see what I’m saying! With a feeling of desperation to catch this sprite, I can’t even remember what that stupid head-thingy was called.

“Oh, you mean the headphones?” She realized.
I walked to the closest tree around me and began to bang my head onto it to try to wake up from this nightmare. It seemed like I was about to fall into eternal sleep from the way the sprite was looking at me.
“Ok, let’s complete our mission!” Meimi said.
I nodded. We put on our headphones and walked forward. The sprite took a mere cautious approach as if she noticed us. We took mini steps. The secret was not to make loud noises. It took us awhile until we reached the sprite, completely face-to-face. I was the first one to make it.
I jumped and turned to Meimi who tripped and ran into blocks of ice, which were hanging high above the lake where the sprite was at.

“Oh no, Meimi don’t let those blocks of ice fall!” I yelled, but it was too late.
Large blocks of ice started to fall, and I shut my eyes from the upcoming impacts from the ice.

Ok, before I keep going on about the story, let me make something clear. There is always a saying; it takes skills to trip over flat surfaces. Well, that’s half of the reason why Meimi tripped in the first place. The other half is from the ice. This shows how tough my job can be with a teammate. Ok, now back to the point, having her with me can be harsh most of the time. Even if she’s making most humor around here, I just hope she is more serious about her duty as a creature hunter. Now back to the story.
When I opened my eyes, my first priority was looking back at the water sprite. It disappeared. I turned around to Meimi. She was face-planted in the pile of snow, laughing until she suffocated in there. I pulled her out. I was a bit relieved that she was okay. Unfortunately, we lost the sprite.
“Thanks a lot…” I sarcastically said to Meimi.
“At least we still got something.” She replied.
“Oh yea, like what?”
“Ta-da!” She exclaimed, with an ice fragment in her hand.
“Okay, what is this supposed to mean?” I then asked.
“Our souvenir for failing our 10th mission!” She replied.
Oh boy, I guess this means I have to spend my Christmas winter with this newbie again. I guess with these last 3 years, I have been suffering, but I know I will laugh at them later in the future when we both are going to be the #1 creature hunters in the universe!

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