When Time Stopped

March 20, 2012
By alidart BRONZE, Brunswick, Ohio
alidart BRONZE, Brunswick, Ohio
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It was just a normal day. Sitting in class bored out of my mind and staring at the clock. But it’s not like I wanted to go home, where John’s gang would harass me. Where my parents would yell and throw me out of the house. I wished sometimes that life itself would just, stop.

RIIING! 9th period, worst part of the day, mainly because I was trying to decide if school was better than being home.
“Hey, Smith.” I heard in the distance. It was John. For some reason people had also started calling each other by their last names.
“Uh, hey.” I said stuttering.
“With your nose in that book all the time, I think you need a BREAK!”
All of my books slammed down on the floor, and so did I. I heard laughter everywhere, even in the distance. It seems that anything that happens to some random person, they blame it on me. Although this time it was me.
I got up, though it felt like a steamroller was forcing me down. I wished life, all this stupid life, would just disappear.
“I JUST WISH IT WOULD STOP!” I yelled accidentally.
Nobody made a sound. I wasn’t sure what to do at first. Then I realized it was just another joke, trying to make me look worse.
“Oh, I get it, it’s just a joke, well, you’ll regret that!” I kicked John as hard as I could. But he didn’t move. I was now completely puzzled. So I ran. Out of the school. To wherever I was welcome.

By the time I got to McDonalds, it was already 4 o’clock. I jumped in the drive through window, just for kicks. So I sat, wondering how this happened. It could be a dream, or I could be dead just wishing this was the life that I had lived. I really didn’t know, but I knew it was not reality.
Once I was finished eating I walked, just anywhere. I hummed a familiar tune as I walked alone.
“I’m walking down the line,
That divides me somewhere in my mind,
On the borderline of the edge
And I walk alone,
Read between the lines,
What’s screwed up and everything’s alright,
Check my vital signs, No, I’m still alive and I walk alone.” –Green Day

Usually I hated having songs stuck in my head, but this song at this particular moment, almost was a coincidence; because that was exactly was I was doing, walking alone.
A week had passed. I was now wishing there was life again. I frantically wondered what I had done to deserve this, this torture. That was when it hit me. I had brought this onto myself. I had wished for it in school that day, that day that seemed like a year ago.
I sat up, frantically, and put on the same clothes that I had worn that day. At that point I knew what I had to do. I needed to wish this all away. I shot out of my room and bolted out the door.
I got to school, picked up my books, and with all my power, I yelled “I WISH THIS WOULD ALL STOP!” And just like that life went back to normal. At least for them, but for I was forever changed.
“Interesting.” Dr. Senegal said with a bit of doubt in his voice.
“You do believe me right?” I asked.
“Nope, that is exactly why you just told me this whole story, to see how many years you would be…..” Dr. Senegal said thinking.
“To live? Why does that matter?” I frantically questioned.
“No not to live fool, in a mental asylum, and combined with this stupid story, and your foolishness right now, I diagnose you with 17 years in a mental asylum!” Dr. Senegal said with pride.
“WHAT!!!! NO!” I screamed. The guards lifted me up and took me away.
“Bye, Smith, heheheheh.” He laughed.
So, the next 17 years of mine were spent in a mental asylum, I guess that’s what you get for hating on life.
The End

The author's comments:
This is about a teen who hate the world. Then he gets a rude awakening.

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vazenitran98, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street,I met a man who had no feet."

This was quite interesting. It's good!


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