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December 5, 2011
By jeremy powers BRONZE, Greenwich, New Jersey
jeremy powers BRONZE, Greenwich, New Jersey
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Petrified, I run, and keep on running for my life. I can’t believe this would happen to me. I was back stabbed from my bestfreind of all people. I was wrongly accused of murdering Ms. Webber, the old lady who lived on 4th Avenue. It’s unreal how this situation came to me. What do I do? It’s so hard for me to concentrate. All I remember is how Jonny told me to come inside and that Ms. Webber had something to give him. As I stood in the hall I heard a small shriek and than a thud, like a body collapsed onto the floor. I walked slowly to the kitchen where Jonny was talking and all I heard was him say “there’s a murderer in the house, he just stabbed Ms. Webber and he ran out the door, please send help”. I bolted into the kitchen yelling “what the hell are you doing!” Jonny replied “keeping myself out of jail, the old hag wouldn’t hand over her jewelry so I wasted her, and now everyone believes that you are the one who killed her” I stood in awe as I watched him dart out the door yelling he’s inside as the police sirens approached blaring there bull horn saying to come out peacefully. I went through the basement and crawled out of the small window and ran as fast as I could, my eyes watering as they hit the ice cold air. It seemed like forever before I reached the edge of the woods and I still didn’t stop. I ran and ran through the woods as the lights from the town become grim and small before they eventually disappeared. I started to walk, I was breathing hysterically, the cloud of steam pouring out of my mouth every second. I sat by one of the trees trying to think of how I could get myself out of this situation. It was so quite, listening to the occasional owl hoot before dogs barking in the distance hit me, I panicked and new who it was, I started to run any where I could trying to go back to town I ran in a circle to throw the dogs off. Minutes past before I saw the lights of the town and they grew and grew before I stood at the neck of the woods looking down at the town, the gray moon glistening off the windows off the houses, so peaceful, how could such a peaceful town bring such misfortune for me. I thought I should go to my mother’s house, she would know what to do. As I snuck through the town I finally reached her house, I opened the door and two policemen stood there, their hands on their fire arm. I froze, without thinking I dove for the bushes, but before I even moved, they knew what I was doing so they got a shot off as I leaped off the porch, as I ran, holding my gut praying that this will end, I thought of Johnny and how he’s a back stabber and how I wanted my revenge on him. I went to his house, looking through the window I saw him standing there talking to 3 policemen. I waited and waited for them to leave, it felt like forever but around 11:30 they finally left, I managed to find a small stick, as I hid behind the old overgrown hedgerow on the side of the house, I put in between the door and the frame as the policemen walked out. Luckily it didn’t break, so I just walked in after a few minutes. I snuck through the house, I heard him rustling around by the kitchen, I walked in and his back faced me. I quietly went to pick up a knife as I heard a man yell freeze, I stood in the open, Johnny facing me smiling and me holding a knife. I knew this is how it was going to end.
The policeman yelled out “Put the knife down!” but I hesitated, and walked toward Johnny, my heart skipping beats before POW!


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