black blood

December 18, 2011
By Anonymous

the beginning

As most would say in their story is that they fell in desperately love with there maker but of me that's a different story, I truely believe that my maker made me believe that love was for the weak. Oh and I never told you what I am did I, well my name is raven and I am a vampire. I live in a place called midnight, its a place unknown to humans though we do have some humans here but the thing is they are slaves that have either given themselves up to us or have decide to mess around with us. To be honest slave tradery is illegal but still I do it for the money you can earn. vampires are not the olney immortal ones around we also have lythops (known as werewolves to the vermin/human) witches, shapeshifters, and a very few midnight hunters a.k.a shadow hunters or the marked ones. midnight hunters I personally cant hate them, I personally before I got changed I was a midnight hunter and they changed me so I could live so now the council is fussing cause I am around cause that means downworlders and the marked ones mite have to get along in the future but that's o.k with me cause the marked ones just kill the demons and yeah and I have many downworlder friends. but i may have already brOKen many rules...

the truth

"bleh, hunting has became boring with you guys cause you wont let me do anything in the mission since i got a small injury gees i mite start hunting without you guys!" complained raven.
" don't even try!" sneered ash.
"why, are you scared I'll get killed?" teased raven.
"we all are so don't even try and if you do i swear I'll kill you myself...i mean if you come home alive and bloody from hunting without us i swear i will kill you so don't even try OK!?" snapped Alice.
"OK OK gees calm down." mocked raven as she walked down the hallway to her room planning on when to hunt without any one noticing. so she chose tonight when they all rested their bones for the big fight tomorrow that she was not allowed to attend for some reason, but till sundown she had all day to sit around and mock the members of her clan.
"Alice...Aliceeeeeeee" sneered raven
"grr what the heck do you want now!?" snapped Alice
"i don't know...I'm bored" raven snapped back
"well...shut upp and find something to entertain yourself" she growled
stubbornly raven got up and walked out of the room. pacing in her own room thinking about were she sould hunt, suddenly ash came in and ran his fingers up her side and pushed her into a chair and sat in the chair across from her.
"you know i value you." he said
"yes...but what makes me so valuable?" she replied
"well...we all value you, your so important to us, however to me your more than just a good weapon and friend, to me you are a beautiful charming girl, you always have me, at least, and i would do anything to keep myself from losing you...however i do know you are a trouble maker and i know you are planning on leaving tonight and hunting because you did not feed last night and i also know that you will try to get in the seen of the fight...i wont try to stop you but i must there any chance i could come with you tonight ill let you do what ever but please can i spend the night with you before we mite lose each other...please?" he pleaded
"wow...umm yea...shure you can come...i am guessing you also had something elts on your mind too..." she mocked.
ash's face mocked a smiled a very sexy smile and said "maybe." raven slowly got up and walked over to ash, and smiled leaning down till she was eye level with ash's eyes and said "well?" as soon as she started to stand he pulled her into his lap and kissed her softly. first it was just a gentle kiss then it turned into some hardcore Frenching. by the time ash had gotten his shirt off and was starting to pull ravens shirt off there was a soft knock and the door started to open, raven flew out of ash's lap and sat in the chair across from him.
"whoa... am i disturbing something in here" teased Blake ash's brother.
"nope i was just leaving" said raven as she got up and started to leave.
"OK." confused said Blake

The author's comments:
this is just the beginning of what I'm writing i need suggestions please tell me if this is good or bad...thanks

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