The Run

December 3, 2011
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Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. The sound of fall leaves being crushed by feet. Jim was sprinting through the leaves. He was trying to get away from something. He didn’t know exactly who it was, but he knew what he had done wrong, and he wasn’t about to correct it. The whole time he was running, he could hear clinking behind him. The only things on his mind are socks. While running through the forest, he reaches a road. He comes to an immediate stop as he tries to determine where he is. A house. There it is, his sister’s house right across the street. “How lucky am I?” he thinks as he runs across the street. The next thing he knows, he blacks out.

Jim wakes up in a bed. He takes a gander around the room. It’s his sister’s house. A hovercraft had hit him while he was crossing the road because he hadn’t looked both ways. He felt fine; his arm was just a little sore. The sudden sound of yelling came from outside his window. He walks over to the window to see soldiers with huge guns. That’s who was after him. He grabs some socks from out of his bag and puts them on. As he is walking out, his sister Alyssa blocks the door. “Thank you Alyssa, but I must be going. I have to get to New York. There is not a minute to lose.” Alyssa replies, “But Jim, what do you really find wrong with New Jersey?” Putting on his jacket, he walks out of the house.

He calls a taxi, and one stops next to him. The taxi driver looks at him from head to toe and says, “I will not have the likes of you in my taxi” and drives away. Jim knows it’s only ten miles to get to New York, so he decides to walk there.

Five miles away, he sees the same group of soldiers that were chasing him in the forest. He puts up his hood and tries to nonchalantly walk by. One big soldier stops him and he feels a cold sweat go down his back. “May I please check your identification? We are looking for a man who broke the law.” Jim stands there for a second, thinking. “Identification sir.” Jim still doesn’t do anything. The soldier, now outraged, pushes him and says, “Hey buddy. Did you not hear what I said? Give me your identification or you’re taking a trip downtown.” Jim punches the soldier square between the eyes and jolts away. He looks back. The soldier gets up and tells all the other soldiers, “That is our man.” They are all running after him and he sees the George Washington Bridge. Jim runs in front of a car and gets it to stop. He opens the door and throws the guy out. His foot leans on the gas. Going over a hundred miles an hour, the soldiers can’t get him now.
As he approaches the end of the bridge, he thinks, “I’m home free.” And then he sees it. There is a helicopter on the end of the bridge and tons of soldiers get out. About forty yards from the end, he slams on the brakes. He opens the car door and notices an uncomfortable chilly breeze.
He yells, “What do you want from me?”
The soldier comes over and says, “You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent.” He puts cuffs around his wrists and moves him toward the helicopter.
Jim says to him, “I’m not wearing any socks.”
The cuffs drop to the ground.
“Oh, I am sorry for all of this. You are free to go” The soldier tells him.
Jim walks into New York, slipping on his socks.

The author's comments:
My girlfriend's cold feet inspired this writing piece, as she is always loving her socks. While writing this story, I gave subtle hints to a lot of things. For example, I didn't want to tell the reader straight out that it was the future, so I said he got hit by a hovercraft.

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