November 21, 2011
By dani_peace GOLD, Henrietta, New York
dani_peace GOLD, Henrietta, New York
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"if seeing is believing then believe that we've lost our eyes"-manchester orchestra

Adrenaline channeled throughout my body, as my heels elevated from the rock; I tiptoed until I was at the edge, releasing my toes from the gravel surface. Headfirst, the wind encompassed my body; howling throughout my lobes, pulling my face towards my ears. Arms were outstretched in front of me; the sensation seeped right between the cracks of my fingers like silt. Stomach, lost the feeling of existence; I was a pupa emancipating myself from the chrysalis, letting wings expand from my body, I was limitless. Legs, joined together; swimming my way through the atmosphere, reaching the salty current I submerged under the cerulean surface.

The ocean enveloped my corpse; hues of blues possessed my eyes for a brief moment. What I came to witness was surreal, unimaginable; but here it was, the full entrée right before my eyes, engulfing this meal. Devouring my meal, I desired for more; time was running short, and I was going to have to reach the surface.

Swimming up, I had seen this creature; it had pearl like specs on its dorsum, encompassing its grey body. As the animal swam closer to me, I started to realize what exactly it was; while it was right beside me I reached out towards the Stingray, I simultaneously rubbed its underbelly and dorsum.

Swimming to the surface, I had looked back at the gracious sea creature that fluttered beneath the ocean’s depths; its poise left me yearning for more, craving for the life that flourished below the oceanic surface.

As I opened the ocean’s surface with my skull, the white sea-foam splashed all around me; feeling as if I were leaving the womb, discovering the world, taking every breath for granted. Refreshing my senses, disregarding the negative, pushing me towards a new direction; living in the now. By not taking risks it subconsciously leads to slow death; to die in happiness is to live in the present, to live in present is to venture.

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