Lost with Hope

November 15, 2011
By chawlamannat07 BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
chawlamannat07 BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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I was walking along the beach. It was a beautiful, sunny day. There were a lot of people and here I am. A short, brown haired, 15 year old girl named Lily. There were some kids there with some kites. I watched the kites fly in the air. The kites were just flying there, as if they were enjoying themselves, like they had nothing to worry about. I wish I could just do that. Not have to worry about anything. The next thing I knew, I heard my mom calling me in for dinner. Luckily we lived right next to the beach so it wasn't a very long walk.

As I walked into my house, my dog Lucky started to bark at me as soon as I walked in. My mom was standing right next to me and we both said, "What is it Lucky?" He then ran the other way towards the window and we saw the library on fire! We both went outside. It was getting chilly and it was only September in Florida. We saw three fire trucks go to the library.

I really wanted to go see what was happening but my mom said it was a bad idea to go now since it was already dark. "What do you think caused the fire?" I asked. "Maybe it was some electrical wiring problem. My mom then gestured me to come inside but I just waved my hand and said, "In a few minutes." I was just hoping everything was okay.

The next morning when I was getting ready for school, I decided that I would go see what happened at the library right after school. What if someone got hurt? What if someone died? All these thoughts came swarming into my mind. It scared me just to think about it. Hopefully I'll feel better at school. Then I realized I had a math test which I was totally unprepared for.

At school today, my friend Alex suddenly came up to me and said, "Did you hear about the fire that happened at the library?" "Yeah! I could see it from my house! Do you know what happened though?" I asked. "All I know is that there is a kid missing. His mother told the news reporter that he went to the library to go get a book and he hasn't come back home yet. The police are trying to look for him now.” I just stood there, astonished at what she just said.

On my way home, I went to go check out the library. There were some people there looking at what was happening. I overheard two guys talking about the fire. "Did you hear about the kid?" "Yeah. He's gone missing and did you hear that they found his hat, half burnt in the library?" The second guy said. I went ahead and asked, "They found what?" "A hat." Then I was starting to really wonder who this kid was. What's this kid's name?" "I think it was, oh yeah! Jack!" I stood there, so scared because that could've been my cousin.

Jack and I are are pretty much like brother and sister. We would both do things that a real brother and sister would do. Have fights, play games with each other, and always have each other's back. We don't have our dad with us. They were both in a car accident together 12 years ago and they both died. They were on the highway when it was raining and a truck slid and hit them. My mom is his mom's sister. They spend a lot of time with each other. Always at each other's house. I can't afford losing him. He's like my best friend.

As I got home, I saw my mom in the kitchen preparing dinner and when she saw me, the first thing she said to me in a nervous way was,

"About the fire, there is a kid gone missing and his name-."

"Is Jack." I interrupted.

"How did you find out?" She questioned.

"A couple of people told me. Did Aunt Laura call and tell you? If she did, what did she tell you?"

"All she said was that she is worried and has been working on finding him day and night. He's only fourteen. This must have been scary for the little guy."

"I bet." I said.

As I was going to bed that night, I thought, I know he can't be dead. They would have found his body by now. I think he must have run away. I should go look for him, but where?

"Lily! Lily! Help me please! I'm so scared! I'm in the ca-." I woke up. I looked at the clock. It's 2:30. Jack? Why did I dream that? What was he trying to tell me? Ca-? What could that mean? I fell back to sleep after that.

The next morning, mom said, "Aunt Laura called and said they haven't found him yet." I didn't say anything so I just went outside.

Ca. Ca. What could that mean? I was getting really curious, I thought. I decided to go to the local news store. When I walked in, there were newspapers and I decided to look through it. I found a story about Jack and they haven't found him yet but his half burnt hat. There was a picture of the library. In the far back on a hill, I could see something brown but it was small and fuzzy. I tried to read the whole article to see if it said anything about it but I couldn't find anything. Wow. I really need glasses, I thought. Someone else walked into the store so I thought I would ask him.

"Excuse me sir. Can I ask you something?

"Sure." He said.

"Can you tell me what this is?" I asked.

"Oh that? That's the old cabin. It's over 150 years old. Nobody ever goes there. It's all wrecked up and everything." He said.

"Thank you so much!"

"No problem."

The cabin! That's it! I should go and look there! Of course the police wouldn't look there! Why would anyone go there? I put the newspaper down and ran home to get some stuff. I'm going to go to that cabin and find Jack.

When I got home, I rushed to my room and got my backpack. I thought what I should bring along. A flashlight, a hand shovel, a rope, and what else? Probably some snacks and a few water bottles. This should be good.

It's now 3:00 P.M. It'll probably take me a half an hour to reach there. I decided to take my bike with me.

It was getting harder to go up the hill now. It was quite steep. Come on Lily. Just a couple more minutes! I said to myself. I decided to just walk from there. I was looking around and saw that there was no one else there. It all looked dead. I finally reached the cabin and saw rocks over the windows and door. Lots of branches too. "Jack! Jack! Are you here?" "Lily?" A peculiar voice said.

"Jack? Is that you? Are you in the cabin?" I yelled. "Yes! Please help me get out of here! It's so dark!" "Don't worry Jack! I'll get you out!"

I tried pushing the rocks. I got some of the small ones to move out of the way but the big ones were giving me some trouble. I remembered I brought a rope. I got it out and tied it around the rock. I then tried to pull. At first, it wasn't really moving. Then it started to move. I kept on pulling with all my strength and finally moved the rock. After that, I did that with all the other rocks while Jack tried to push the door open. After about 20 minutes, we were finally able to open the door. Jack just ran out and hugged me and thanked me so much. He told me the whole story on how all this happened.

“I was at the library. I was toward the back of the library looking at the books. I was feeling kind of thirsty so I went to go get water. There were a few teenage boys there and they were pushing each other around. One of them bumped into me and I hit a computer and it fell and I spilled some water onto it and then there was a little fire that started to happen. The fire alarm went off and everybody started to scream and they all ran outside. I ran through the back door and saw this cabin. I ran inside and then these rocks fell in front of the door and windows from the mountain and I couldn't escape. I tried calling out for help but no one heard. I dropped my hat somewhere. I was luckily able to survive these past few days with the little bit of water and food I had. Lily, I started to lose hope. I thought I was going to die but you came. You found me. I can't thank you enough." He said. "Oh Jack! Good thing you're okay! Here, take my water and these snacks I brought along. Come on now. Let's go home."

Aunt Laura was at my house and so was the police. I walked in. Mom. I have great news. Aunt Laura and the policemen looked at me. Jack walked in. "Jack!" Everyone cheerfully yelled! "Where have you been? Are you alright? What happened" Aunt Laura asked. "I was in the cabin on the hill, stuck." Jack said. He told everyone the whole story.

"Son, can you describe these two boys for me?" The policeman said. "Umm, they were both brown haired, short, they had blue eyes, both wearing blue t-shirts, and were about the age of 17." Jack nervously said. "Thank you. We will try our best on finding them. You are not in trouble at all. Oh, by the way, here's your hat." The policeman said. "Thanks."

After we said goodbye to the police officers, everyone hugged Jack. We all told him about the whole town talking about you. "You were in the newspaper and on the local news." I said.

After we all talked, we all had a big feast. Jack then asked me, "How did you know I was in the cabin?" "I just had a feeling that you were alive and alright. I never lost hope Jack. I never lost hope."

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