midget man saves the day

May 6, 2011
By Anonymous

What’s that? Is that a cry for help? There it is again! It sounds like a job for Midget Man!

After leaving the circus, Midget Man has devoted himself to saving shop owners from shop shakers. Shop shaker is a term used to acknowledge people who demand money from shop owners, or else they destroy their shop. Other than using his tremendous strength and ability to stretch, Midget Man out smarts the shop shakers. They may have a reputation for being big and strong but they are definitely not very smart. Anyways, back to the story.

Midget Man sprang from his desk and took off running. When he reached the elevator he slipped through the trap door in the floor and slid down the cable all the way to the basement. When he reached the basement he was already changed into his green and black spandex. All that he had left to do was get into his boots. These weren’t any old boots. They had little rockets in the bottom of them. Then with the greatest of ease, he flew out the window.

While Midget Man was approaching the little Chinese man that was calling his name, he was already making a plan. As he got closer he saw that the shop shakers had set a trap. They were forcing the Chinese man to call him. Before the shakers realized that he was there, he

switched routes and went around behind the tent. Then Midget man stretched his arms around the tent and just picked it up. Midget Man caught the shop shakers by surprise and drop kicked one and punched the other. Then he stretched his arms around the shakers while he waited for the fuzz to get there. When the fuzz got there and took the shakers into custody Midget Man’s work was through. When he was getting ready to leave, he received another call for help and he went running through the grass, laughing uncontrollably, to save yet another person.

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