Life Mission

April 3, 2011
By VictoriaSnigglebottom BRONZE, New York, New York
VictoriaSnigglebottom BRONZE, New York, New York
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Serena woke up. She felt her head searing with pain, and she didn’t know where she was. The room was white, and she was lying in a strange bed. Not a thing was there, except for a bed and a nightstand. Her heart beat quickened as she got out of bed. She was dressed in her black sweatpants and a white tank top. She looked around in panic.
“Hello??” she asked “Let me out of here!”
She found the door and tried the knob. It wouldn’t open it. She felt sweat beads build up at the nape of her neck.
“Get me out of here!!” she screamed, terrified.
She banged her fist on the wall and screamed in pain. She was sitting on the floor, against the wall, cradling her wrist when someone came in. It was a man, around 26 years of age. He was handsome, and was wearing a tuxedo.
“Good morning, Serena.” He said
She gasped and stared him in the face.
“How’s your hand?” he asked
She opened her mouth, but couldn’t find the words.
“How do you know my name?” she croaked out.
“I know everything about you.” He said
“Why are you here?” she asked.
He didn’t answer, just smiled that charming smile of his. Pain gripped her hand and she looked down. When she looked up, he disappeared. In his place was the body of the man she first killed.
“Was it worth it, Serena?” he asked, his brown eyes focused on me.
She felt tears welling up.

I woke up, sweating. That dream has been haunting me ever since the incident. It reminded me that I was not a normal girl. I never will be. It was in my nature.
“Serena, darling!” her mother’s voice sounded.
She groaned and covered her face with her silk pillow. The door opened and the pillow was lifted off her face. Her mother stood there, dressed for work.
“I’m going, and I want you to actually go to school today.” She said.
She smiled and walked and walked out. Her maid, Mara walked in her bedroom.
“Ms. van der Woodsen, I prepared your breakfast.” She said.
“Please call me Serena.” I said and smiled warmly at her.
She smiled back and handed me my slippers. I put on my white silk Versace bath robe. I walked out of my room and saw my brother, John at the table.
“Morning, sis.” He said.
I smiled at him and sat down to the spot Mara arranged for me. I sipped my vanilla latte and took a bite out of my waffles.
My phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and picked it up.
“Hey, B” I said.
“I’m coming up; we need to talk about something.” She said, and hung up.
She sighed, and heard the elevator bell ding and Blair walked in. In all her fabulousness, she was dressed in her Constance school uniform, with 5-inch black pumps and a red headband. Blair walked upstairs and into my room while I followed. She sat on my bed as I took off my bath robe and nightgown, and put on my uniform. Blair, meanwhile, took my laptop from my nightstand, took out a flash-drive, and plugged it in. I sat down on the bed next to her as she downloaded files.
“I take it you got the intel?” I asked
She nodded slowly. After a minute, she withdrew the file.
“Birkoff gave me this.” She said, pointing to the drive “he said it contained vital information.”
“Did he spill the name of the client?” I asked, combing my long wavy blonde hair.
Blair chuckled.
“Birkoff doesn’t tell agents any unnecessary information.” Blair said.
“What was on that drive, anyway?” I asked, applying a coat of pale beige lip gloss.
“That drive is loaded with files on the target, any associated people, photos, memos, bank checks, videos, and etcetera.”
“That’s pretty much all the evidence saying they exist.” I said.
Blair smiled her white-toothed smile.
“Exactly” she replied.
I took the Tiffany & Co. bracelet Birkoff rigged to be a communicator and emergency dispatcher. I grabbed my bag and laptop, and headed out.

That night I sat with Blair in my favorite restaurant. All of a sudden, Blair stopped talking and looked behind me. I turned around and saw Michael, field agent and second in-command to Percy.
“What are you doing here, Michael?” I asked.
He gave me his fake annoyed face.
“You’re not happy to see me?” he asked in mock shock
I slapped his arm in a friendly way as he sat down.
“Actually, I’m here on official business.” He continued.
“Does this have something to do with the mission?” Blair asked.
He nodded and cleared his throat.
“Percy sent me to clear up a few things. Did you get a chance to look at the file?” he asked us.
“I didn’t, but Blair did.” I answered.
“Well, the target is Viktor Petrov. He is the head of a drug smuggling organization. He will be attending the Black and White Ball on Saturday.” Michael said.
I did a mental calendar check and found that it was Thursday.
“So, I’m guessing we are going to that party.” Blair said.
Michael nodded.
“How do we go through with the operation?” I asked.
I felt someone touch my leg under the table. Michael handed me something, all the while talking to Blair. I looked down and saw a syringe. He leaned in.
“Use this, and an autopsy will show heart failure. I have to go, but I will see you at the party.” He said, and slipped a napkin over to us.
I looked at it, and found that it said the details of the party. I smiled. I love parties. I slipped the syringe discreetly into my purse and we got up.
“Do you want to sleep over?” Blair asked me
“Yeah, sure; I’m stopping by my house to get my bag and clothes.” I answered.
We linked arms and walked out the restaurant.

Tomorrow after school, we stopped by Oscar de la Renta. Blair was examining a gorgeous black dress, while I walked around. I spotted a dress that was perfect. It was burgundy, and figure-hugging in all the right places. The dress was cotton, and one shoulder. It was loose at the top, and tighter down. I touched it carefully.
“That dress suits you perfectly.” A voice said behind me
I sharply turn around. In all his glory, I see Percy. He smiles.
“Now this is a surprise.” I said.
Blair walked around the rack of clothes and sees Percy.
“I’m just getting a little preview.” He said.
“You’re coming tomorrow?” I asked in amazement.
He nodded and grinned. I’ve worked under Percy for a long time, although Percy doesn’t see it like that.
“See you ladies there.” He said
I smiled at him and turned around to face Blair. She was still holding the Louboutins. She looked down. I turned back around and Percy was gone. I took the dress from the rack and found a pair of black 6-inch Manolos to go with it.

Me and Blair stepped out of the limo. I was dressed in the burgundy dress, my black Manolo pumps and I held a black clutch. Blair was dressed I a navy blue dress with a thin strand of pearls around her neck. We walked into the party together. It was held in the Chuck Bass’s luxurious apartment. Chuck Bass was rich and arrogant. We put up with him because he was like us: rich, and infamous. Speak of the devil, he popped out from behind a white pillar.
“Look at you, lovely ladies.” He said in a honey-coated voice.
“Hey, Chuck” I said, hugging him.
He hugged me for a split-second longer than needed and then moved on to Blair. She hugged him briefly.
“Excuse me, Chuck, but we have some business to attend to.” Blair said.
She grabbed my hand and led me into the bathroom and locked the door. While she touched up her lipstick, I sat on the toilet.
“Who’s going to do it?” I asked.
Blair turned around.
“Do you want me to do it?” Blair asked me
I shrugged.
“I can do it. The question isn’t who, but how.” I asked
Blair puckered her lips. Suddenly, I got a fool-proof idea.
“Follow me.” I said and walked out
She followed me all the way to Chuck Bass. I was disgusted by the mere thought, but I had to sacrifice my pride for more important matters. I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and I kissed him. He didn’t pull away and I reached into his pocket and took his keys. I pulled away.
“Look who changed her mind.” He said
“I really didn’t want to, so never speak of it.” I said.
I turned on my heel and walked to Blair. She had her mouth wide open.
“Why did you just kiss Chuck Bass?” she asked.
I held up the keys I took from his pocket. She gasped.
“Serena, you are a genius!” she squealed.
We walked up the stairs to the second floor of the penthouse and faced a hallway. I already knew where Chuck’s room was, so I walked over and turned the knob. It was, of course, locked. That’s why I needed the keys. I found the key with the monogrammed “CB” on it in platinum lettering and put it in. The door swung open. Me and Blair looked at each other and smiled devilishly.

Downstairs, we saw Michael and Percy standing by the bar. Percy had whiskey and Michael was holding two champagne flutes. We walked over to them and Michael handed each of us champagne. I sipped mine and felt the bubbles rushing down my throat.
“So?” Michael asked us.
“We have a plan.” Blair said in a lowered voice.
“We have stolen the key to the master bedroom. One of us has to get Ligachev in there. Then, I will run out, and stab him” I said, opening the bag and revealing the syringe “with this.”
Michael nodded.
“I can do the luring part. I can tell him I want to make a deal with him. He would wait upstairs, and I will tell him I will be up shortly.” Michael said.
Blair and I nodded. Michael walked away. I started to go, but Blair grabbed my arm.
“Why don’t I go in with you; just in case something happens?” Blair asked
I paused.
“I’m doing this alone. If I need back-up, I will dispatch you.” I said
Before she could argue, I walked away. I used the key to open the door and got behind the door. I started to sweat. I clutched my bag, determined not to drop it. There’s no need to leave traces.

Meanwhile, Michael walked up to Viktor. He rubbed his nose and Viktor nodded. They walked over to the corner.
“I want to make a deal with you.” Michael said.
“And?” he said.
“Not here.” Michael leaned in. “Meet me in the master bedroom, upstairs, second door on the left in 2 minutes. I will be up with cash up front and information.” Michael said and walked away.

I was breathing hard, and then I heard heavy footsteps. My heart raced and I willed myself to calm down. The footsteps stopped right outside the door. The knob slowly turned. All of a sudden the door swung open. I dodged it and stood in the very corner as the door hit the wall. I crept up and closed the door, expecting Petrov to be surprised. It was me who was surprised. I dodged a kick he aimed at me and came up from behind, punching him in the back of the head. He fell down. I cautiously walked over to him and kneeled down. His eyes opened and he grabbed my foot. I dislodged it and kicked him in the face. Remembering my syringe, I dived for the bag and fished it out. Turning around, I saw him struggling to stand up and I aimed a side kick for him. He fell back down and I plunged the syringe into his arm. He seized up as I injected the clear liquid. Grabbing my bag and the syringe, I ran out of the room and locked it. I ran downstairs and dropped the keys on the table in front of Bart Bass, Chuck’s father.
“Mr. Bass, I can’t find Chuck, but I found his keys on the floor.” I said and walked away.
I walked over to Percy, Michael, and Blair.
“How do I look?” I asked.
“Your hair is a little bit messed up, but its fine. How did it go?” she asked.
“It went well; I injected the liquid, now we have to get out of here.” I said.
Blair nodded. We looked back at Percy and Michael who gave us the slightest of nods, and we walked out of the door.

Once we were at my house, we went to my room. I opened my computer.
“Mission accomplished.” An electronic voice said. “Your money has been linked to your account.”
Our parents knew about this, and we were so rich from the assassin money. That’s the sick truth. Our own parents are exploiting us. They’re forcing us to kill so we would make money. Truth is, we were never assassins by choice. We were all hand-picked.

I was 5 and scared to death. I didn’t know what they wanted with me. I was taken to a big place. Despite my young age, I remember everything. I was locked in a room and they ran various tests on me. I slept chained to the bed and had various wires stuck to my arms, legs, stomach, and head. The chains were metal cuffs that left marks because they were too tight, so I wouldn’t slip my hands out. Once, that happened. I was lying in the bed as doctors came in and out of the room. Since I was cuffed, they didn’t lock the door. They went on their lunch break and I was lying there. Then, I realized that the cuffs were loose and that I can wiggle my hand. It took a while, but I got my hands out. I reached over to the table next to my bed and grabbed a syringe. I inserted the needle into the lock at the base of my foot cuffs. Eventually, the locks sprung open and I was able to walk. At first, I was wobbly after not walking for a while, but walked over to the door. I opened it cautiously and looked into the hallway. Of course there was no one. So I walked out and I remember how cold the floor was because I was barefoot. But, I kept on running; running, down the long, grey hallway. I ran into room and hid behind the desk. I was panting, and I accidentally tore the side of the long white hospital gown they put me in. It took them about a minute to realize that their guinea pig escaped. Footsteps sounded outside in the halls and someone came bursting in the room. I flattened myself to the desk. I heard someone breathing, and then their footsteps receded and the door closed. I cautiously walked out from behind the desk and someone grabbed my from behind.
“Help me!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.
Someone else ran in the room and took my legs while the other guy held my arms. I kept thrashing around, as they carried me to the room.
“Somebody help me!!” I screamed.
My screams echoed through the hall, though the other doctors stayed inside the rooms. They didn’t look at me, as I started to sob.

After the mission, I woke up the next morning. It was Sunday. I checked under my mattress. My gun was still there. I woke up and walked to the dining room. My mother was there.
“You got a call from Birkoff.” She said, not looking up.
I sighed and picked up my cell phone. He picked up at the first ring. Birkoff is the head of technology.
“We have details about yesterday’s mission.” He said.
“What? Petrov is dead.” I said, wide awake.
They never called about this.
“He may be dead, but you have been compromised.” Birkoff said.
“What?” I asked, astounded.
“It means your identity has been revealed.” Birkoff clarified.
“I know what it means, Jerkoff, I just can’t believe it.” I said.
“Hey, no name calling.” Birkoff said.
“What happened?” I asked
“You had a witness yesterday.” Birkoff said.
“You mean, someone saw Serena kill Petrov?” I asked, astounded.
“Somehow, someone saw. Now, go find, Serena and contact me.” Birkoff said.
Blair barely heard the tiny click. She dropped the phone, and ran into my room. My mom came into my room as I was frantically throwing on my clothes.
“What happened?” she asked.
I was already hysterical.
“We had a witness yesterday.” I said, zipping up my high heeled boots
I ran out of my house without a word, and saw a blur as I took a cab to Serena’s house, even though it was a few blocks away. I stumbled into her house, still shocked.
“Oh my god, Blair what’s wrong?” Serena asked
She led me to the couch and I sat down.
“Someone saw you kill. Birkoff called me and told me to get to you fast. We have to call him now.” I said.
She opened her laptop with a shaky hand. She video called Birkoff and he answered almost right away.
“Who saw me?” Serena asked immediately.
Birkoff clicked a few buttons on his computer. A document appeared on her screen.
“It was a British businessman, Benjamin Thorpe. He owns several companies, and he took a flight back to his house in England yesterday. The information he has is dangerous.” Birkoff said.
“So what do we do? Do we go after him?” I asked.
“Blair! We’re not killing him.” Serena said.
“Serena, if we don’t kill him, we could end up worse than dead. Way worse. You have no idea the bad situation this could put us in.” Blair said.
Serena sighed and massaged her temples.
“What do we do, Birkoff?” She asked.
Birkoff sighed.
“I’m afraid that Blair’s right. We can’t lose the two best agents.” He said.
“But what if he has a family?” Serena asked
“We have families too, Serena.” Blair said.
Serena sighed and turned her back to Blair.
“Then we go to England.” She said

The author's comments:
This was inspired by a TV show

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