The Angry Siren

March 17, 2011
By , centerville, IA
The angry Siren sounded, snapping me into action. It caught me off guard while I was asleep in my boat; I quickly covered my ears so that the sound of her fierce scream wouldn’t send me into a Coma. Even though my ears were covered I could still hear her angry scream. About five minutes passed and my boat was well out of her screaming range. Her scream did damage to my body; I could feel my muscles aching from the intensity of her scream. My main objective was to get some sleep because I honestly didn’t know what was in store for me tomorrow.

Morning hit as I woke up my body aching from the lack of sleep, I reminisced on last night’s incident, how I was almost killed by that Siren. It finally struck me that she was trying to hunt me down and kill me! I figured I had a good few hours before she attacks again, Sirens all ways attack at night. I must be prepared for the next attack. It took me a few hours before to get to land so I could have the ground advantage. I made a spear out of a big tree branch that had fallen to the ground, I had my pistol loaded and I had my spear on my back. It was finally time to battle it out with the fierce Siren.

Nightfall had finally come the moon shined bright on the shore, my body was sweating from how nervous I was, but I thought to myself I have been running all my life from my problems it is finally time to stand up. Then out of nowhere the Siren came crashing out of the ocean with the nastiest look on her face, the look sent fear down my spine but I stood my ground. The battle raged on I had managed to shoot the Siren in the chest a couple of times but she was as tough as nails. I had broken my spear over the sirens belly but it didn’t do much damage, after my spear had broke the Siren started to release her full rage on me, punches, claws, kicks and anything else she could do to inflict pain onto my body. The Siren charged into me from the shore knocking us back onto a cliff.

Then I realized that the pistol I had still had one more shot in it my mind was dizzy from the amount of blood loss but I was not going to die from a monster like the Siren. I put the pistols cross hairs between my eyes I took deep breathes as I was aiming for the Sirens head, then BANG! The Sirens body was still rushing at me from the momentum of her running at me and her body was on a collision coarse with me. The Sirens body hit me and knocked off some of the cliff.

We fell about fifty feet and I managed to grab onto a rock hanging out of the side of the cliff, this was going to be the hardest part of my day I thought to myself. I climbed up a foot at a time and each step sent agonizing pain threw my entire body. I managed to roll over the top of the cliff, I laid on my back motionless my breaths becoming slower my heart rate slowing and all I could see were images of my family and friends. As I gave my last breath I said to my self “I will miss them all.”
Then black out.

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Deathbyflower said...
Mar. 23, 2011 at 2:12 pm
Very intersting
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