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The Boggie Man

February 3, 2011
By jphelan GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
jphelan GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
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I was scared to death when I almost got caught. The sirens are roaring in the streets from the police car. I am running as fast as I can with my .375 magnum in my hand and coming to an alley way. When I reach the alley way I run a little ways in and hid behind a dumpster. I just shot the mayor of Mainetown because he kicked me out of my house because I couldn’t pay this month’s bill. I have a wad of cash only about $1000 and have to spend it wisely. I am trying to catch my breath and its freezing cold outside. I came up to a motel and stayed there for the night. $75 went by so I’m about $935 left of money. When I pay for the hotel I gave them a fake name so the fuzz wouldn’t know I was here. When I went for a walk after eating the breakfast at the motel, I saw a man beating up another guy in that alley way where I was last night. I took out my .375 and hit the bully hard with my gun. The guy thanked me and then ran. After he ran, I looked down at the bully and dropped my .375 on him and took his clothes so the fuzz wouldn’t know that it’s me. I went to an apartment place in another town called Springfield and told the guy that I only had $935 on me and told him that I would pay but I have to get another job. He told me he had a friend that works on cars and it makes $15 an hour and I worked there. I realized that living a normal life is a lot easier than running from the cops.

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