'Ransom' Chapter 1

November 17, 2010
"Back again? Fine, I'll throw the ball again." I threw the rubber ball across the room. Amber jumped up and grabbed it in her mouth. "Good girl." I smiled as she trotted over and dropped the ball in front of me. I picked it up and chucked it again.

I looked at my screen. I was on 'Window's Live Chat' when a chat request popped up. It was from someone called 'Mystery_Lover111'. I laughed, must be Danny trying to chat me. I smiled as I clicked on 'Accept'.

"Hey Danny!" I said smirking. "Who is this 'Danny'? Just watch out 'Marie'." The dark man said while exited the video call.

I starred. "NICE ONE DANNY!" I shouted. I heard muffled laughs. I smiled. He was pranking me. I walked Amber into my room. "Dan, come out now!" I screamed. I was becoming freaked out.

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