Arkazan`s Revenge

October 13, 2010
By kovasky BRONZE, San Pedro Sula, Other
kovasky BRONZE, San Pedro Sula, Other
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Long time ago, in a very vast forest, 5 dragon brothers were born. They were to take care of the forest in the empire of Azzan. One of the five brothers went on the wrong way, he became evil. He wanted to take over the forest and rule it but the other 4 brothers didn't let him and stopped him. The 4 brothers ruled by hundreds of years until one oracle told them that their 5th brother, Arkazan who was a big black dragon with shiny red eyes, was covered with shadows and was the feared one since he was killed, he would be revived by the most terrible sorcerer named Mason. These 4 brothers didn't know what to do but Damon the youngest, remembers the legend of the mighty sword, the sword that would destroy evil when it takes over the world. He needed to find the one who deserves that sword so they could defeat Arkazan when he is revived from death. He told his brothers about the mighty sword legend and they agreed about it and sent him in search of the chosen one. Mason was a medium size men with a brown robe and blue dark eyes that revealed all his evilness. The 3 older brothers decided that Damon would be in charge of searching for the chosen. Damon searched everywhere, from villages to empires, from forests to lakes but he didn't found him. He didn't found him until he searched his the only place left which was Azzan where he was born. When the people saw Damon they got scared and started throwing things at Damon except for one kid who was shy and had read books about dragons and knew that all dragons were good except for Arkazan. He told the villagers that the dragon was harmless but they didn't obey him just because he was a child. He ran as fast as he could towards Damon to protect him but Damon grabbed him and they fled because a rock almost hits Alexander. Damon took Alexander, which was a 14 year old with blue eyes, black hair, was medium size and thin to the Azzan forest so he could be

safe. Damon presented to Alexander and then Alexander presented himself to Damon. Damon got a rare feeling like if Alexander was the chosen kid who should recover the mighty sword as in the legend. Damon told Alexander to sleep and when he slept Damon told his brothers about Alexander and his brothers didn't believe him but they told him he should try. The next morning, Damon told everything to Alexander and Alexander got scared; he usually got scared about everything. Damon convinced him that they he should try getting the mighty sword. Damon told Alexander that the mighty sword would destroy evil and that it was located in the Fire Valley. The Fire Valley was all covered with lava and volcanoes, with creatures as deadly as poison and nobody has ever returned from there. But before they could get the mighty sword Alexander needed to learn how to fight. Damon gave alexander a rusty, not very sharped sword that had about 100 years old and was of a Minotaur, an old friend of Damon. Damon, who had learned how to fight with the Minotaur, teached Alexander how to use the rusty sword. When Alexander mastered the skill of using the sword Damon warned him that the mighty sword had magical powers that were really dangerous and before he defeated evil he would have to learn how to use magic. Damon and Alexander began their journey to the Valley of Fire and in their journey they fought against terrible monsters who were led by Mason the dark mage. While Damon and Alexander where looking for the mighty sword, Mason was looking for an ancient book that contained the most powerful spell of all, the one that could revive Arkazan. Alexander and Damon found the Valley of Fire and they entered without knowing where to go, the only thing that Damon knew was that the mighty sword was located in a big temple, guarded with one of the most deadly creature of all, the medusa. Damon took Alexander up in the air to see if they could see something and indeed, they saw the great temple of fire where the mighty sword was. Fortunately they didn't have to fight against any monsters or

that's what they thought until they opened the door and saw an ugly monsters. They recognized it was a medusa and quickly they turned their look in another way. Alexander had the rusty sword and Damon taught him how to fight with only the sense of hearing. The medusa was quick but Alexander's rusty sword was quicker, he chopped the medusa's head off and killed her. Alexander and Damon saw the sword, it was shiny, had diamonds incrusted in the handle, and was made from the finest iron and enhanced by the most powerful magicians ever. It was beautiful. Alexander took it with no problem and when he took it there was a tiny boom that illuminated the entire temple. In that moment, Damon knew that Alexander was the chosen one. While Alexander and Damon where in the temple, Mason had already revived Arkazan. Arkazan was really furious and he was powerful as never before. Mason was as obedient as a slave to Arkazan and he pleased all his needs. Arkazan told Mason to take over the empire of Azzan for him, and he did. The other 3 dragon brothers were really scared and by a spell that mason threw them they were Arkazan’s servants as well. Damon took Alexander back to the forest of Azzan and Damon was an asteroid flying in the air. They got to Azzan and they saw all black, from the most insignificant insect to the giant trees that surrounded Azzan. Damon knew what had happened; Arkazan had been revived from death. Damon went home with Alexander and immediately started teaching him how to use magic. One month passed until he fully learned every aspect of magic. In that month, Arkazan got more powerful and Mason was still his loyal slave. Alexander was as fast as lightning with the mighty sword and as powerful as 500 bulls with magic. They went into the castle, by themselves and there was an army of 1,000 soldiers waiting for them but with Alexander`s skills and Damon`s intelligence they won. The moment they defeated the last soldier, a black cloud started forming, the wind blew like a lion`s roar and suddenly a sound of thunder was heard and

Arkazan and Mason appeared. Both had red electricity running through their bodies, but Alexander and Damon weren`t scared, if they could beat 1,000 soldiers they could beat 2 guys they thought. The fight started when Mason threw a fire ball to Alexander and he blocked it with the sword. Alexander suddenly got scared he couldn’t move, Arkazan attacked him but, Damon rushed like the speed of wind and defended Alexander and told Arkazan “fight someone your same size”, Arkazan and Damon started fighting. Alexander attacked Mason but Mason avoided every attack Alexander performed. Mason was winning Alexander until, the sword started shining as a star and he knew it was show time. He attacked Mason with every ounce of power he had and he killed Mason with the mighty sword. Suddenly, the black was going out and colors were coming in, people recovered their memory and the forest was full of beautiful and mythical creatures. Damon`s brothers recovered their minds and went where the action was happening. Arkazan was fully surrounded with the 4 brothers and Alexander. They united forces to unleash a power no one had experienced before and Arkazan disappeared forever. Alexander kept Mason`s book so he learned all the secrets and after learning them he became the best magician. Damon had become his best friend and with the other 3 dragons they ruled the empire of Azzan.

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on Oct. 27 2010 at 5:32 pm
Freddy Luna BRONZE, San Pedro Sula, Other
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Exelent you teacher should give you bonus ponits!


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